How HYPOXI®'s fat loss method targets problem areas effectively

How HYPOXI®'s fat loss method targets problem areas effectively

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want targeted fat loss, HYPOXI® may be the solution you never knew you needed

Did you know that when you exercise, the temperature on your upper body tends to rise accordingly, but your lower body's temperature does not rise as quickly? What this means is that you have to work extra hard to burn fat on your waist, stomach, buttocks and thighs — which tend to be the problem areas of many women, especially as you grow older. HYPOXI® is a patented targeted fat loss method that works on these specific, tough-to-burn areas of the body. Founded in 1997 in Austria by Dr. Norbert Egger, its aim is to accelerate the flow of fatty acids to the muscles where they are burnt off effectively... and hopefully forever. 

What is HYPOXI®?
When I stepped into the HYPOXI® Studio at BreadTalk IHQ, I didn't know what to expect, but soon learned that I would be working out on the HYPOXI® L250 machine, and that this special 'egg pod' like system would create the optimum environment for fat burning. The HYPOXI®coach at HYPOXI® Singapore Studio will tailor-make a body plan to help you attain achievable weight and fat loss goals. I was first asked to go for a 360° body scan to determine what my precise body shape was, and the percentage of fat I was carrying on my body. HYPOXI® Studio uses the most advanced 3D Body Scanner, which is 76 per cent more accurate than measuring by tape — even when it is done by the most skilled hands. I was told by the coach that HYPOXI® works best on apple and pear body shapes, that tend to carry weight in the lower body and around the middle. Another interesting fact: Due to parallax errors, it is impossible to determine your true body shape simply by looking in the mirror. A 3D body scan will give you a much more accurate idea of what your body contours truly look like, and where the real 'problem areas' lie.


The rise of the machines
After the scan, I was led to HYPOXI® Dermology which works on firming and rejuvenating skin by integrating 400 active pressure chambers  to 'train' the largest organ in your body. This is great for promoting micro-circulation, activating lymphatic drainage, eliminating cellulite and is also pretty relaxing — you just lie down comfortably in a darkened room, in what resembles a space suit, as alternating pressure is applied to encourage the elastic, connective tissues to work better. After about 20 minutes here, I felt that my legs felt much lighter — thanks to improved circulation.  

The next machine I was then led to was the Trainer L250 whereby you do moderate cycling while lying down. Your lower half is encased in a chamber as you cycle. The HYPOXI® coaches are careful to monitor your heart rate throughout the session for optimum fat burning. This form puts the legs and buttocks under pressure, promotes vascular activity and eliminates fat in a targeted manner. The workout was gentle and because you are cycling in a vacuum condition, you will not get the traditional aches and pains you usually feel post-exercise. True to my coach's word, I did not feel any aches the next day. 

HYPOXI® Machines

With a tailored plan, the HYPOXI® coaches will be able to customise the fat and weight loss plan according to your fitness level and metabolic rate, to help you achieve your targeted body goals. The other machines include the S120 that puts you in a comfortable, seated position to target stubborn fat and cellulite around the hips, buttocks and thighs. Finally, if you have issues losing post partum weight or stubborn fat on the abdomen and waist, you can consider working out on the the HYPOXI® Vacunaut. To use this, you have to put on a HYPOXI® Pressure Suit that has a network of 122 integrated chambers that treat the abdominal, waist and hip areas directly, while doing moderate training like jogging or brisk walking on a treadmill for rapid, long-lasting reduction in girth on these areas.      

If you've been having trouble losing targeted body fat, HYPOXI® may just be the solution. You're still putting in the effort and doing the workout, but the HYPOXI® coaches at the HYPOXI® Studio will ensure that you are working towards attaining your ideal figure — relying on science and technology to maximise each fat burning training for you.

HYPOXI® Singapore is at #02-14 BreadTalk IHQ, 6443-0500