Fitness review: Hybrid Rebounding

Fitness review: Hybrid Rebounding

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Text: Janice Sim

Power through your workout with your feet off the ground

The lowdown: If you've always been a fan of bouncy castles, even as a full-fledged adult, here's a workout you'll thrive at. Termed rebounding sessions (figuratively, not literally), it is a lethal combination of systemic cardio, aerobic and anaerobic, strength training and muscle sculpting. Sounds like a complex session, but all you actually need is a single rebounder — which most would mistake for a trampoline. They look similar, but the former is used for aerobic exercises while the latter is what a professional gymnast needs.

The class is led by a no-nonsense instructor who darkly suggests that pain is a good gauge for accurate results. You'll quickly learn the basic bounce — essentially bouncing with your knees bent, while ensuring that the impact hits your heels and not on your toes. This is to avoid being propelled too high up. Before you know it, various combinations of high jumps and stationary sprints are incorporated, along to the remixes of hits like "We No Speak Americano". Without a doubt, the session is designed to be a high intensity workout that targets your glutes and butt. As it progresses further, dumbells are thrown into the mix — so your guns get the love and training it needs as well.

fitness review hybrid rebounding

What I loved about the class: Although everything revolved around bouncing on a stationary rebounder, it didn't feel repetitive at all. On the contrary, it was challenging to keep up with the tempo and pace of the class. I appreciated the intensity and tenacity of chief instructor Marcela, although my advice is to not be taken aback by her slight curtness, but instead see her as an inspiration. Under her watchful eyes, you're certain to have a productive session and get whipped within a short amount of time.

What to bring: Bring your trusty trainers as it's an exercise that requires good footwear. An important thing to note — avoid wearing running shoes that come with a spring, as these will hinder your bounce pattern and cause you to spiral out of control if you're not careful.

Good to know: Arrive at least 15 minutes before your class to get settled in, as the instructor isn't keen on latecomers joining after the class has commenced. 


Name of session: Hybrid Rebounding
Try it out here: BBOUNCE Studio
Duration of session: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Manageable even for first-timers. You might experience dizziness in the inital part of the class but you'll pull through it after the first 20 minutes.