How to make the workplace a healthier place: Decluttering, movement breaks, healthy office snacks and more

How to make the workplace a healthier place: Decluttering, movement breaks, healthy office snacks and more

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Admittedly, the office isn't the most inspiring of places. You reluctantly come in only to be greeted by a cluttered desk, instant coffee in the pantry and on top of it all — the slump sedentary position for eight hours straight. Occasionally, the flu bug also makes an appearance. In the long run, these habits can become unhealthy — physically, mentally and emotionally. We gather these easy tips that you can incorporate into your everyday work life and turn it into a healthier workplace environment. 

Choose healthy meals and snacks

Starting your day with a danish pastry or croissant might sound like a brilliant idea — except that this will only lead to a blood sugar plunge later in the morning. Switch out pastries for healthier options such as bananas that add on more health benefits than expected. The protein trytophan in bananas will be converted into serotonin, which helps in relieving of stress and improvement of mood. Ditch the 3-in-1 sachets and opt for water instead. Keeping hydrated helps maintain your energy levels high and gives your skin the glow


Adopt the biophilic design 

Bring the outdoors inside. It has been posited and proven that establishing a connection with nature helps to mentally recover from stress and improve our well-being. Place a green and leafy potted plant on your desk — making any place cheerier and help improve air quality. Exposure to natural sunlight has the ability to keep your stress levels in check so getting a seat next to a window will be ideal. If that's not possible, a light-therapy desk lamp does the job as it mimics natural sunlight. Potted plants

Exercise movement breaks 

Sitting in front of your desktop with eyes glued to the screen for ten hours is disruptive for your entire body — from head to toe. Thankfully we have apps and programmes to remind us to take breaks at regular intervals. The Ergonomics app comes in handy with its occasional break reminders and demos for posture-correcting stretches. Even the constant walks to the pantry for water and the trips to the toilet that follow after shouldn't be discounted. 


Disinfect, whenever possible

Do a sporadic KonMari whenever you can. Not only will this encourage a decluttering habit, but also the chance to disinfect when you have a empty desk. Don't forget your keyboard — after all, it's said to be dirtier than a toilet seat. When was the last time you cleaned your QWERTY? 

Display personal items

There is nothing better than home so why not bring a part of your home to the office? Decorating your desk with some of the most significant things can bring comfort and reduce workplace stress and dissatisfaction. A family photo, a souvenir from your most memorable holiday or an award that you are most particularly proud of are some of the things that you can consider. Pick only the ones that matter to avoid the cluttered feeling which might, in turn, bring about more stress. Remember, less is more. 

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