Introducing YOLO: Your foolproof healthy eating plan

Introducing YOLO: Your foolproof healthy eating plan

A clean slate

Text: Janice Sim

Eating clean doesn't have to come at the expense of losing your appetite

We know the benefits of today's hip superfoods and eating clean, but why do we still stray from healthy meals? Well, besides being under the impression that they taste like cardboard — more often than not, we're limited to whatever is convenient, and the healthier options aren't always readily there.

Here to cast out these seemingly legitimate reasons is YOLO, a fast-food takeaway outlet where a wide spread of healthy combo meals are made fresh daily for your choosing. Founded in 2015 by Alexis Bauduin from AXN's The Apprentice Asia with Tony Fernandes, YOLO is halal-certified and has proven to be unlike any typical F&B establishment. First of all, customers can personalise meal plans according to their daily calorie intake by using the calorie calculator on their website. The smart plan can also be altered based on the individual's varying nutritional goals; for example, if one is looking to lose weight or build more muscle. Once you've done all that, YOLO will take care of the rest by providing a list of meals to order based on your preferences. 

healthy eating YOLO Salmon Quinoa Cakes

In case you were wondering, their offerings extend far beyond garden greens and lacklustre rolled oats. Instead, expect delicious creations like lamb shoulder with sweet potato mash, salmon quinoa cakes, and cauliflower fried rice. The meals at YOLO are thoughtfully crafted by their nutrition consultant, and also designed to set the record straight that tasty meals can also be good for your body.

Feeling hangry? Hold off that reckless McSpicy meal and work up an appetite through these fresh, empowering meals (that are also available via delivery). After all, it is the start of the week — the perfect time to make that life-changing switch.  

YOLO is located at Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Tel: 6221 3029