Health benefits of celery: 5 easy and delicious ways to infuse the superfood in your diet

Health benefits of celery: 5 easy and delicious ways to infuse the superfood in your diet

Good, my celery's in

Text: Marielle Solano

Hands up if you can stomach the taste of raw celery. If you can't, we can safely assure you that you are not alone – it is truly heinous to some. But before you retreat to a 'I Hate Celery' Facebook group (several of which do exist, by the way), consider what you're missing out on health-wise. By now it has been endlessly raved about: celery is full of antioxidants, high in magnesium (which translates to better sleep and muscle health), and has anti-inflammatory effects on your stomach lining that helps regulate digestion.

Of course, as with all foods, there are some that love the edible leaf stalks – but this is not for them. They can go on eating their celery sticks fresh and undressed, and not cringing when it sneakily appears in their soups and salads. This is for those who want to reap the benefits of celery without pinching their noses every time it comes near them. Without further ado:

Eat it with a dip

At the end of the day, you'll get the most out of celery if you eat it in its original whole food form – none of the fiber is lost to a juicing process, nor are any antioxidant nutrients stripped away upon blanching or boiling. But remember our earlier point about how the smell or taste of celery could be literally nauseating to some? There's a fix for that, and it comes in the form of your favorite dip. We suggest trying it with natural peanut butter (and we mean literally natural; you don't want to negate the effects of healthy snacking through the addition of unnecessary sugar content), because everything tastes better with peanut butter.Celery dips

Drink celery juice

By far the most obvious option to increase tolerability is to ingest celery in liquid form. You can easily juice your own celery by putting it in a blender and straining the pulp out – nothing gets purer than that (see a recipe below). Another time-saving option though, is to go with a 100% pure celery drink cold pressed into a nifty bottle of goodness ready for your consumption. HICJUICE has just the thing – so you can have your morning fix without setting back your schedule too much. HICJUICE pure celery drink, raw, vegan, cold pressed

Give table salt a pass – celery salt packs the taste and then some

You heard that right. Salt currently holds top status in most condiment baskets – but this commonly-used seasoning can in fact be made better by simply being mixed with ground celery seed. The flavor gets enhanced, and you get a little boost of nourishment too. What's not to love? Everything from popcorn to poultry and spice mixtures for a marinade can be brought to the next level by switching out regular salt for celery salt – and the latter can be found in supermarkets or DIYed in ten minutes tops. Plus, celery salt has been known to enhance tomato flavors in alcoholic beverages like Bloody Mary's.Bloody Mary

Celery seed: the underrated superstar

Now, we all know which part of celery gets all the fanfare – but its stalk isn't the only part that can offer nutritious benefits. In fact, celery seeds are no small source of the good stuff too; research has proved that it's replete with calcium and iron and possesses a bunch of other qualities that makes it marvellous for your bones and blood sugar levels. Simply sprinkle a handful of this earthy-scented bitter seed on top of your salads or make a cup of tea out of ground celery seed, and you're set to enjoy the satisfaction of a painless celery fix. A note of caution, though: while the spice is safe to use in cooking, celery seed supplements (which come in much higher concentrated doses) should be ingested with the advice of medical professionals, particularly for pregnant women.Celery seed

Make a popsicle out of it

When all else fails, freezing the nasty out of celery could just be the solution for severe haters. Just juice it together with some apples (and yes, we approve of experimenting with other fruits), remove the foam, pour it into a suitable mold, then freeze the concoction until Elsa is sufficiently proud. The result? A healthy, refreshing dessert that can battle any hot day – which is basically every day for those of us in Singapore. Goodbye, sinful ice cream.Popsicle

Serves 2

Here's what you need:

4 Carrots
1 Cucumber
1 Apple
3 Celery Stalks

How to make it:

1. Wash produce thoroughly and roughly chop
2. Add fruit and vegetables into a slow masticating juicer. Serve and enjoy.