Here's why you should increase your intake of broccoli

Here's why you should increase your intake of broccoli

Green goodness

Text: Weiqi Yap

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With an abundance of benefits, this health hero is one worth stalking

Before you let childhood flashbacks of overcooked mush colour your impression of broccoli, let us do this nutrient-packed veggie justice. Thanks to its nutritional makeup, this green superfood has long been lauded as one of the healthiest vegetables out there. Packing a punch of vitamins and glucoraphanin — an organic compound unique to broccoli and cauliflower — it helps regenerate the skin, keeping it radiant and dewy. Full of vitamin A and C, there is no other vegetable that gives your hair the same shine broccoli does. 

If these beauty benefits aren’t enough to convert you to a broccoli buff, you’ll be glad to hear that this Mediterranean native helps to fight cancer and boost your immune system as well. Loaded with fibre and antioxidants, broccoli also serves as a great detox tool to help get your diet back on track. 

Below, three ways you can include broccoli in your clean-eating regime: