Go nuts for almonds, they're really good for you

Go nuts for almonds, they're really good for you

The good seed

Text: Priscilla Tan

Image: Getty Images

Discover why celebrities are all over this humble nut

Rihanna's breakfast consists of almond butter on toast while Jennifer Aniston's go-to snack is an apple with almond butter. To hear it from the supermodel Heidi Klum herself, "Raw almonds are the perfect snack. A handful can hold me over to my next meal. Best yet, they are so good for you."

What is it about this brown seed that has won celebrities over? Besides being one of nature's best sources of vitamin E, the nut is also power-packed with protein and fiber. If you're disturbed by its slightly higher fat content, lay your worries to rest — when eaten in moderation, almonds contain healthy fats that help to drive your metabolism. It is also chockfull of antioxidants that help to delay the effects of ageing. It's no wonder these celebrities look so good.

Below, three ways to ramp up on your intake of almonds: