Experience GuavaLabs 2.0, the new playground for every fitness junkie

Experience GuavaLabs 2.0, the new playground for every fitness junkie

Have a blast

Text: Janice Sim

The all-new GuavaLabs 2.0 by GuavaPass is worth a visit

It's time for an uptown upgrade on your GuavaPass membership. Moving from Mandarin Gallery to CBD's new kid on the block, OUE Downtown Gallery, the new and improved GuavaLabs (birthed by the fitness platform app GuavaPass) boasts a four-room boutique space for members and shoppers to get their daily workouts clocked in with a curated range of premium fitness classes. Welcome to GuavaLabs 2.0. 

guavapass yoga studio oue downtown gallery

The coolest part? It's not just GuavaPass members that benefit from this initiative. With the new GuavaLabs, wellness experts and instructors will also have greater flexibility in managing their schedules, revenues, and clients. There's an option for them to rent and host their classes in a fully outfitted studio at GuavaLabs and get access to studios, locker rooms, showers, online booking, equipment, and the like. Trainers also have the option of tapping into the GuavaPass membership network to fill spots and gain exposure to the 60,000-strong GuavaPass community. If you're not already familiar with how GuavaPass works, it's essentially a fitness platform app that gets you instant access to a slew of unlimited classes from a wide range of gyms at a flat membership fee. Whether it be your preferred barre class from Barre 2 Barre or learning a new form of yoga at Freedom Yoga, users can enjoy the flexibility to maximise their GuavaPass membership. In a nutshell, it's a pretty darn good deal. 

guavapass still boxing

This new outlet at OUE Downtown Gallery comprises of a yoga studio, juice bar, swanky retail space plus a unique aqua boxing concept studio, STILL, which incorporates water punching bags. Members can look forward to working up a sweat with neon lights, blood-pumping hits and cardio-loaded exercises. 'Nuff said, gloves on; we've never been more psyched to get moving. 

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GuavaLabs by GuavaPass and STILL are located at OUE Downtown Gallery, #B1-04/05/06.