Try green caviar, the latest superfood from the ocean

Try green caviar, the latest superfood from the ocean

Super seaweed

Text: Janice Sim

Here's why you should put this superfood on your grocery list

Most of us are fairly acquainted with caviar. We're obsessed with those salty, delicate fish eggs that adorn sushi, canapes and some of life's fanciest plates. Now, show love to a new type — green caviar. Despite its similarities in appearances, green caviar isn't any bit related to its reputable doppelgänger. Known as sea grapes, or its fancier alias "Caulerpa Lentillifera", green caviar is in fact a type of seaweed.

Hailing from Japan, green caviar is harvested in the waters of Okinawa and is referred to by the locals as "longevity seaweed". Rich in protein, calcium and polyunsaturated fatty acids, this special seaweed aids in strengthening your bones and joints through anti-inflammatory nutrients.

The list of benefits doesn't just end there. Firstly, cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular diseases are known to be reduced with regular consumption of green caviar. Secondly, expect more radiant skin and shiny hair, thanks to green caviar's high dosage of collagen and antioxidants. The newfangled superfood also prevents thyroid goiter, a condition where the thyroid gland is unusually enlarged, and leads to excessive coughing or difficulty in breathing.

With its generous slew of benefits, you'll be surprised to know that green caviar comes at a reasonable price point (from $12 for 100g), and is available at Meal Belly — a local start-up site that imports these sea grapes from a farm in southern Vietnam, where their green caviar is carefully cultivated with optimal sea water conditions. 

Green caviar superfood

All things considered, here's the burning question — how does green caviar taste like? Unlike the mild flavour of seaweed, these sea grapes are crunchy, undeniably salty and bursts in your mouth with a hint of fishiness. If you're enjoying it as a snack on its own, try dipping it in miso sauce for a more palatable flavour. It also makes for a beautiful garnish for soup, salad or rice. We think it's about time we take a raincheck on kale for these pearly greens from the deep blue sea.  

Green caviar is now available to purchase on Meal Belly.