Garmin's MARQ collection: Fitness smartwatches catered for an adventure outdoors

Garmin's MARQ collection: Fitness smartwatches catered for an adventure outdoors

Watch out, world

Text: Marielle Solano

Even when we're out in the elements, there's a certain security in knowing we can always tell the time. Of course in today's landscape, a watch is expected to deliver so much more. Garmin's been in the adventure watch business for 30 years now – and so far they've delivered on their promises of innovation, reliability, quality and resistance in that band around your wrist. That, along with impeccable design that have never been compromised either. With their titanium base ensuring a lightweight but durable device topped with a sapphire crystal finish (harder than glass more than two times over), it's no wonder their watches can survive even the harshest of environments.

Garmin, MARQ series adventure watches

So where do they go from here? Only upwards, it would seem. Their new luxury series MARQ reveals five modern utility watches to match automotive enthusiasts, sports buffs, avid aviators, marine fanatics, and outdoor lovers alike (quite literally – each model is named after and designed exactly for those aforementioned types). It's also a major plus that they're engineered as a luxury mechanical timepiece — even for important high-brow meetings in a suit and tie.

And while some advanced features are specific to their models, the watches have certain crucial factors in common – think everything you could want in a smartwatch, like sunlight-readable displays, a handy GPS function, receiving notifications appropriately, and of course keeping your heart rate and oxygen levels in check with their wrist-based monitoring systems. Smartwatch mode will even give you up to 12 whole days of battery life. Let's talk about what sets them apart.

MARQ Driver

As eponymously dubbed, this watch was made for racers with a need for speed. Doing laps (which are split automatically by the watch) around over 250 preloaded global racetracks has never been so convenient. Especially when paired with the watch's live delta time function – that's a measure for extremely precise timekeeping that takes into consideration the Earth's rotation period. Then there's the Track Timer, which allows you to time and calculate the average speed of cars at the race track; useful for coaches and, by extension, rival racers who may want to keep a friendly eye on their competition.

Garmin, MARQ Driver

MARQ Athlete

Serious trainers, turn your attention here: whether you're conditioning yourself for the Olympics or have big aspirations to go pro, this watch will be your most loyal cheerleader. MARQ Athlete will keep you aware of your body's performance at all times, since useful stats of advanced running dynamics like your recovery time scale will be kept constantly displayed on the bezel. Measuring progress is also a non-issue – biometrics sensors and workout stats will ensure you're always in the know when it comes to your training's effectiveness.

Garmin, MARQ Athlete

MARQ Aviator

Garmin has spared a thought (or many) for the high-flyers too – by that we mean pilots and aviation enthusiasts, of course. This swept-wing, multi-link watch promises function and style, proving its usefulness in the cockpit through giving quick views of up to three time zones, aviation maps, and the NEXRAD Weather Radar keeping surprise turbulences to a minimum. Plus, the watch complements Garmin cockpit integration well, which has many wireless features for increased connectivity – so say goodbye to manual hassles of the past.

Garmin, MARQ Aviator

MARQ Captain

The line where the sky meets the sea is a destination many pursue – and it is in that spirit that MARQ Captain was created. Everything you could need out on sea, this watch has: coastal charts, port conditions, current wind speed, tide information; equip the one watch and suddenly you're prepared to make whatever adjustments needed to accommodate the deep blue's whims and fancies. And the salt water won't harm this lustrous all-encompassing device – its jacquard weave strap performs heartily in such conditions.

Garmin, MARQ Captain

MARQ Expedition

What's better than catching that irreplaceable sight of the rising sun? Catching it atop a mountain whose hills you'd just conquered. Whether your goal is to chase after those dawn-hued skies or explore unknown terrains to reconnect with all aspects of mother nature's beauty, an unobtrusive (and awfully useful) addition that can join in on your journeys is the MARQ Expedition. Exploring is challenging no matter what equipment you have with you, no doubt – but when your watch has a built-in altimeter, barometer and compass, along with real-time updates on the gradients, distances and elevation gains of the climbs ahead, your confidence in overcoming this challenge can grow only stronger. Safety is accounted for too; the inReach Mini satellite communicator ensures that you can always send and receive messages through your smartwatch, if need be.

Garmin, MARQ Expedition

Garmin's MARQ series of watches has prices ranging S$2,499 to S$4,199, and is available for purchase at selected All Watches outlets. For more information, visit their MARQ website here.

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