Five exercises that tone your entire body


Five exercises that tone your entire body
Can't fit into your favourite little black dress? Here are five exercises from Level, a boutique personal fitness gym, that'll whip you into shape

1. Hit the squats

If there is a single weight-training exercise that will improve your lower physique, this is it. It will lift your bum while working your thighs. It's intense, but grin and bear it and you'll see how quickly it'll burn those calories for you. 

2. Push-ups are old but gold

We are a huge fan of this classic exercise because it works the entire body. Besides burning a significant amount of calories, it tightens the chest and tricep muscles to keep things perky. 

3. Don't forget the hip thrust 

No one wants a flat booty. If you're after J-Lo's tooch, start training up your glutes (the muscles of the butt) to get it toned and defined. To that end, you have to work the muscles that produce hip extensions. It's mostly a move for people with physique goals. Being that the hip thrust is used to maximise glute hypertrophy, it's a popular exercise with female fitness competitors. Everyone who adds some hip thrusting action into their routine notices that it helps to maximise glute size. 

4. Work your calves 

The calf muscles are often neglected by women because they don't see this muscle group as a problem area. What you may not know is that a set of well-developed calves help balance out the symmetry of the legs, making the upper leg appear smaller. Full, round calves also show the strength of a woman and are displayed by many elite female athletes. 

5. Pay attention to your back

With so much of the focus on legs and abs, many women forget to dedicate a good portion of their workout to their back. Don't underestimate the power a nicely defined back. It has a positive impact on your overall appearance — especially if you're wearing a backless dress.

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Text: Denise Kok

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