Fitness review: Swing max

Fitness review: Swing max

Where being flexible counts for something

Text: Sarah Lian

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A workout that stretches you in more ways than one

What it is: I've been feeling a little more adventurous these days and MotionWerkz Yoga Fitness Studio's Swing Max class was beginning to call out to me. I booked myself into a class via my GuavaPass app and arrived at the studio expecting to find swings that might resemble my childhood sarong 'hammock' suspended from the ceiling. However, unlike the swings of nostalgic yore, the equipment used in this class was a 'swing' suspended from two points in the ceiling, each with TRX handles on each side to aid you in various exercises. Each handle latches onto different hooks at varying degrees to accommodate your height and calibrate various levels of difficulty. This apparatus, coupled with HIIT workouts, puts you through a combination of yoga, plyometrics, and cardio. If you think you're getting a little too complacent with your workouts, this is a great way of getting out of your comfort zone.

Swing max

What I loved about the class: The description of Swing Yoga was slightly misleading as I thought it would be more of a stretch and balance class. However, this surprise was definitely a welcome challenge. As I attended a lunchtime class, there were only a couple of us, so the instructor was able to tailor the workout to our individual needs.

We started out with a combination of HIIT exercises that included suspended pushups and planks with the added difficulty of the swing. Since our feet were cradled in the swing, it meant that focusing on balance would add another dimension to the workout. After five minutes, I found myself sweating profusely. This was a total body workout with a focus on the upper body, core, and lower body. We used light weights, floor gliders for our mountain climbers, and the TRX straps for our upper body workouts.

swing max review

Stretching was a huge component of the workout. As I'm not as flexible as I would like to be, I found myself unable to complete some of the exercises. Our final stretches utilised the swing and the most memorable one saw me flipping upside down and crawling forward for an unbelievably great stretch across my back. Since then, I've been inspired to install one of these swings in my home. 

The next day, apart from the soreness accrued from my irregular exercise, anytime I coughed or laughed, I felt a deep pain emerging from my abdomen. Needless to say, it was a great challenge and there are so many ways to measure your improvement in this class so it becomes a true journey of achievement.

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It's great for: Those who find exercise boring. The anti-gravity element of the workout means you'll never get bored with all the different elements you can explore as well as the varying difficulty levels you can scale. Hanging upside down is a fun way to tap into a different and unusual mode of exercise. Moreover, for those who enjoy workouts that focus on form and flexibility, it's so important to stretch your muscles further and deeper to allow you to perform your exercises more intensely. This helps you to better your game each time and work towards getting one more dress size down.

Name of class:
 Swing Max
Name of studio: MotionWerkz
Duration of session: 60 minutes
What to expect: To swing like you've never swung before.
Difficulty: 4/5, Balance and core is key in this work out. 

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