Fitness review: RealRyder

Fitness review: RealRyder

Tried and tested

Text: Denise Kok

Pedal power

The lowdown: Looking to level-up your personal fitness regime with fitness classes that'll put you through your paces? Consider a spin class, essentially an indoor cycling workout that'll fling your core and glutes to hell and back. While spin classes can hardly be considered a new offering, Pure Fitness' RealRyder classes put a spin on your average spin class (sorry, we had to go there) by swapping stationary bikes for custom-built bikes that allow you to swivel from side to side. This allows for a more dynamic range of movements that really begins to work your core when you stand on the bike and swing your trusty steed from side to side. 

The 45-minute RealRyder session starts off like a walk in the park. The pace builds gradually to get your limbs suitably warmed up. Minimal resistance is introduced at this point — but don't get too comfortable here. Along with the heart-pumping music blasting through the speakers, the pace picks up quickly. You toggle between rapid legwork while on the saddle and challenging bursts where you use your core to balance your body as you lift off the saddle — all this while pedalling through a heavier resistance and steering the bike sideways. 

What I loved about the class: Compared to a regular spin class executed on a stationary bike, the RealRyder bike calls for the rider to finesse his or her riding technique and demands for more intense core work. You certainly feel the burn during the class and the post-workout ache after. 

What to bring: While the bikes are calibrated to fit cycling shoes, you can choose to tackle the class in your favourite training kicks. 

Good to know: Arrive 10 minutes before the class begins so you can calibrate the height of the bike and handlebar, as well as the positioning of your saddle to fit your proportions. Maintaining good form while cycling is important, especially if you want to avoid unnecessary injuries. Not too sure how to adjust your bike? The instructors are more than happy to settle you in. 



Name of session: RealRyder
Try it out here: Pure Fitness (Ocean Financial Centre)
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: The class is aimed at cyclists of varying fitness levels. If you want to push yourself harder, simply crank up the resistance. You'll feel the burn in no time.