Fitness Review: Pure Air Yoga

Fitness Review: Pure Air Yoga

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Text: Rich Herrera

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Rich Herrera works through Asanas in a yoga class that literally takes his practice to new heights

If you're looking to amp up your traditional yoga practice, you might want to check out Pure Air — the latest class to hit the roster at Pure Yoga. Here, your yoga practice is supercharged with the aid of a soft fabric hammock and two stirrups to provide additional support, both in the air and on the ground. Imagine the benefits of advanced yoga exercises combined with the best elements of cable suspension strength training and you'll begin to have an idea of what the class can do.

Instructor Michael Sutton, calm in his demeanor yet confident with his instruction, had each of us acquainted with our harness system in no time. We cruised straight into some basic push and pull exercises to get our muscle fibres firing. We then continued with a few sets of plank holds to rev up our core muscles.

Once we were all warmed up, we found ourselves hanging in the air, fully supported by our hammocks, stretching our lower backs to near breaking point. It was sheer joy to feel the pull of gravity separating our vertebrae and alleviating all the tension locked within. Sutton stayed consistent with his gentle reminders, urging us to control our breathing and stay mindful of our body alignment.

Pure air yoga

Hanging upside down like a spider allowed for my body to experience a gradual extension, one that I could feel throughout my legs, hips, upper body, and neck. A quick pull on the stirrups saw me flipping back up to assume a position that mirrored the act of sitting in a swing — a sobering reminder of the fortitude and flexibility from our childhood.

We finished off the class with an extended meditation session, cocooned from neck to knee in a soft fabric hammock that makes its netted cousin seem so crude. This quiet, mid-air repose provided a welcome lull for me to gather all of my scattered thoughts. This spiritual muscle-flexing is what keeps so many yoga practitioners, including myself, coming back for more.

The Pure Air class is great for anyone looking to build upon their current yoga practice. As Sutton puts it, the class offers the chance to "fight for improvement" on every position and "engage your core on a new level". Many of the exercises incorporated are not only beneficial for refining your yoga poses, but also help to strengthen your muscles while preventing nagging soreness and injuries.

Keen to experience the class for yourself? Visit Pure Yoga Singapore for more information. If you're new to Pure Yoga Singapore, you can sign up here for a complimentary class. Pure Air is only available at Pure Yoga Ngee Ann City.