Fitness review: Power Plates at Croyez Studio

Fitness review: Power Plates at Croyez Studio

No pain, no gain

Text: Sarah Lian

Sarah Lian shakes up her workout by sweating it out on this vibrating machine

What it is: Croyez Studio, a Guavapass-partnered studio, is the first and only authorised Power Plate outlet in Asia. This over-sized vibrating plate powers a new dimension of fitness and wellness by transmitting waves of energy throughout the body while stimulating its natural response to vibration by activating muscle contractions and enhancing workouts. Here's great news for those who don't like spending three hours on the treadmill: According to Croyez Studio's website, research has proven that 25 minutes on the Power Plate is equivalent to 2.5 hours of exercise at the gym.

The series of exercises on the Power Plate meant exerting the same amount of force but with three times the impact. Now that's what I call true bang for your buck. If the machine intimidates you, don't fret; the instructor gives you an overview of how it works before the class starts. If you're not used to the vibrations, here's a tip: Bend your knees so that it absorbs most of intensity or you'll feel the vibrations go to your head. I selected the PBand class that included the use of elastic resistance bands. My instructor Aliana told me this class is one of the more intermediate classes. If you're a beginner, you should consider PBasic. For a total body workout, each exercise comprises roughly 20 standard repetitions followed by 20 pulsating repetitions of the same exercise. 

Working out on the Power Plate might be a high intensity affair, but it has a surprisingly low impact on your body

What I loved about the class: Single ladies can now take out their frustration on this phallic machine because it'll get you screaming after five minutes, perhaps in less time if it's been awhile... since you've exercised. If you're vaguely familiar with bicep curls, tricep dips, squats or even lunges, then the difficulty of the exercises is not hard to execute nor understand. Even if you're not the most coordinated, the speed and tempo of the class is great for any beginner. 

Working out on the Power Plate might be a high intensity affair, but it has a surprisingly low impact on your body. Aside from adjusting to the vibrations, it felt like a conventional HIIT workout. The cool-down sequence at the end was a godsend. You stretch on the machine vibrating at the maximum frequency and get a chance to relax. This apparently helps with lymphatic drainage, one of the contributing factors to cellulite. Targeting cellulite while getting a massage? Sign me up!

I experienced a fair bit of soreness the next day on my legs, but spending 40 minutes on anything vibrating would get one sore or numb eventually. Even though results are not instant, hitting up the power plate two to three times a week (equivalent to 5-7.5 hours of regular exercise) can help you reach your New Year's weight-loss resolution sooner. 


It's great for: Those who need a little motivation and want to conquer health goals for this year — without go through it alone. Power Plate is time efficient and can be a fantastic social opportunity with other like-minded friends who want to do the least amount of work to yield the best results. The studio has enough machines to cater to groups.

Celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Elle McPherson, and even Claudia Schiffer apparently swear by Power Plate! It doesn't matter that I don't possess their talent — at least I'm one step closer to getting their bodies.

Ample parking spots at Dempsey also make it super convenient for those who drive and a shuttle bus comes around frequently for those who don't. 



Name of session: PBand

Try it out here: Croyez Studio

Duration of session: 40 minutes

What to expect: An intense repetitive workout, lots of vibrations, and a relaxing cool-down massage. Bring a pair of non-slip socks or be prepared to go barefoot.

Difficulty: 3/5. You'll execute simple exercises but the power plate helps to maximise your efforts for each movement.


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