Fitness review: Muay HIIT at Neue Fit

Fitness review: Muay HIIT at Neue Fit

Back to basics

Text: Janice Sim

Mixing traditions with a side of intensity

The lowdown: Unlike the staggering rise of aqua boxing gyms we have witnessed this year, Neue Fit's core is grounded in martial arts. That means falling back to the conventional, no-frills fitness arena, sans neon lights or water-ballooned bags. And maybe that's what we need now — going back to foolproof basics. Neue Fit's most interesting lesson? Its Muay HIIT class, which sees a hybrid of Muay Thai and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). A full-body workout that dabbles with the diverse range of movements of Muay Thai coupled with the cardio-led workouts of HIIT. Disclaimer: it's perfect for those who are keen on the basics of a Muay Thai class, but not for seasoned practitioners who already know what they're doing. Those belonging in the latter can try out their Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. 

The class starts off with intensive spurts of jumping jacks, squats, burpees — otherwise known as the warm-up essentials to quicken your heart rate, before leading you to the towering boxing bags. Here, both your hands and legs are actively engaged — shuffling between power kicks and punches. Of course, you don't settle there for long; it's a HIIT class after all. You move on to taking on an 8kg dumbbell and do continuous squats until the timer goes off. After which, medicine balls are incorporated, before you go back to unleashing pent-up anger onto the sandbags. 

Muay Thai Neue Fit

What I loved about the class: It's designed so dynamic, that one will never get bored within the 45-minute class. My favourite parts had to be my time with the bags. Mastering how to kick with your shin the right way was a feat, as it was an educational process. Boxing at Neue Fit also didn't seem like it was a solo journey — the arrangement of the class always had you partnered up with a buddy to share a sandbag. That made it insightful to observe and learn from one another. 

What to bring: Trusty trainers and a bottle of water. Ladies, do deck out in form-fitting clothing as you'll be expected to do some groundwork and high kicks. 

Good to know: The gym is in partnership with New Balance so feel free to stock up on activewear merch at their racks while you're there. 


Name of session: Muay HIIT
Try it out here: Neue Fit
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Reasonably challenging for amateurs in boxing. Those who are regulars at HIIT classes, this workout should be a lot of fun. 

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