Fitness review: H.E.A.T at Virgin Active Duo Galleria

Fitness review: H.E.A.T at Virgin Active Duo Galleria

The heat is on

Text: Rachel Ng

More than just your burpees and mountain climbers, this all-rounded HIIT class will get you working like a real athlete

The lowdown: HIIT is a familiar term to anyone remotely acquainted or familiar with the grievance of wanting to burn fat fast, and we see that in the crowd-sweeping responses these classes yield. But to those who share in the cynicism of paying exorbitant membership fees for classes you could easily get off YouTube, you might want to check out the H.E.A.T (High Energy Athletic Training) class at Virgin Active Duo Galleria. While the timed-interval style of this HIIT-based class may be familiar to you, the movements and equipment used are sure to confuse your muscles in ways welcomed by any growth-seeking fitness buff. Fine-tuned to simulate an athlete’s training, this sports-focused session plugs the holes of mainstream HIIT classes with its mix of resistance training, functional training exercises and running drills. 

The class is conducted in three distinct phases — base conditioning, strength, and power with each phase consisting of four stations, which you’ll be rotating around with during the precious 30-second revival break. While the equipment used remains more or less the same each phase, intensity increases with phases to put your toughness to the test. Think jogging, sprinting, and quad-killing resistance walks on the SKILLMILL (that fancy self-powered treadmill you’ve come across on the feeds of Instagram athletes), a progression of squats to cross-body taps on the climbing wall, weighted bear crawls and weighted lunges at the free mat, and an interchange of sprints and endurance at the rowing machine. Close your eyes if you need to, grit is key to reaching the finishing line.  

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What I loved about the class: The thorough engagement of all muscle groups leaves you feeling ready to take on another class (after a few days of rest, of course). Repetition with variations on Virgin Active's state-of-the-art equipment also means a good exploitation that hits the areas you never knew you’d left out in all your previous HIIT routines. A refreshing challenge to even the well-trained.

What to bring: A bottle of water, training shoes, and some resilience. Whatever gets you through the above. 

Good to know: Routines are switched up every two weeks to keep things fresh, so fret not about reaching a plateau. Comfort zones don't exist here. 


Name of session: H.E.A.T
Try it out here: Virgin Active Duo Galleria
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: The challenge comes in enduring multiple rounds of both stamina and strength-demanding movements. A pleasurable challenge for even those who work out regularly, its difficulty ultimately lies in how much you decide to push yourself.

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