Fitness review: Aqua endure

Fitness review: Aqua endure

No pain, no gain

Text: Sarah Lian

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Sarah Lian gets her feet wet by taking her spin class to the next level

What it is: Aqua spinning is essentially cycling under water. The resistance of the water and the high intensity allows you to burn three times more calories than regular land-based exercise. According to the guys at Aquaspin, the average calorie burn per session is 800 kcal (for you calorie counters, that comes up to about 10 crackers)!

There is no minimum fitness level or knowledge of equipment needed. Regardless of age, anyone can attend the class without any issues. The pool is great for those recovering from injuries, arthritis, back aches, osteoporosis and more, but do consult your physician if you're not sure if an underwater spin class is too intense for you. As long as you can slip your feet into the pedals and cycle, you're good!

During the class, you'll be put through various types of pedalling exercises. Some require you to pedal while sitting or standing, and in varying levels of intensity. There's interval training involved as well, which sees you pushing your body to 80 per cent for a couple minutes before scaling it back down to 50 per cent. For a total body workout, you'll perform push-ups on the seat and tricep dips between sets. 

The average calorie burn per session is 800 kcal.

What I loved about the class: Tanderra is in a lovely nook of Dempsey which is private and serene. The billowing trees and the sound of frogs and crickets make you feel like you're about to exercise in the middle of a forest amongst friendly creatures. In a group of no more than eight, my Aqua Endure class started with a quick warm-up that left me panting after five minutes. 

I have never been a fan of spinning nor swimming, so tackling this class was akin to throwing a cat in the water. It's safe to say I survived. A couple in their mid 60s put me to shame as they were so incredibly fit. Even though I was exhausted during certain parts of the workout, I never felt lethargic and my body stayed cool throughout from being in the pool. The buoyancy and intensity of the water cushioned my body while building enough resistance for me to feel embarrassingly weak at attempting tricep dips in the water.

Right after the class, I didn't feel the impact of the soreness and by the next day, the soreness was quite mild. On their website, it says lactic acid (which causes soreness) doesn't build up because the body induces a massage from the water which allows it to spread. All in all, I really felt that it was an effective total body workout, especially for my butt, legs and arms. Needless to say, I would have to attend a couple more classes in order to get closer to my Beyonce body goals.


It's great for: Anyone that feels claustrophobic from the sweat and heat of a regular spin class. Spinning in water certainly keeps you cool. For those that sweat buckets, Aquaspin is a great alternative. Working out amidst nature is also a welcome change from pushing through in a studio. 

For pregnant women, the buoyancy of water means the added weight of the baby is absorbed, and less strain is put on the back, hips and other parts of the body. The cooling effects of the water also prevents overheating, which can be damaging to the baby's growth. 



Try it out here: AquaSpin

Duration of session: 60 minutes

Good to know: Bring your bathers (and waterproof sunscreen) because you'll be in the pool scoring a tan while riding a bike to shed off those calories. Towels are also provided.

Difficulty: 2/5. Stamina is probably most important for this class while the intensity of exercise depends on the individual. 


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