Fitness review: Aqua boxing at Ground Zero

Fitness review: Aqua boxing at Ground Zero

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Text: Janice Sim

Who knew punching into water balloons could make such a good workout?

The lowdown: This is your chance to throw punches legally with an added incentive tossed in the mix — burning a good amount of calories while you're at it. The aqua boxing session at Ground Zero (a boutique gym that only caters to spin and boxing classes), is one tripped out with club strobe lights, electro beats and an effervescent energy inspired by our instructor Jeong. You could say it definitely strays away from the atypical workout but instead, ups the ante on fun and good vibes.

What exactly is aqua boxing? Well, what you're hurling your fists into are big teardrop-shaped bags of water, in place of sand. The point is to cut back on resistance and to establish a firm landing without straining too much of your muscles and joints. Rumble at Ground Zero is essentially a boxing class, which switches up with a combination of HIIT and strength training. Before the session started, Jeong took us through the right techniques of punching — yes, contrary to what you may think, there is a proper way to execute it. Some of which involves a higher intensity while others was more about throwing it at full speed. In between working our guns, we lifted weights, balanced medicine balls and completed a handful of burpees. It was all in all, a substantial workout that packed just the right amount of impact.

Aqua boxing Rumble class at Ground Zero

What I loved about the class: Hands down, the punching bags. Although it was tough getting the momentum right, they were so much fun. Having the addition of HIIT incorporated in it also made the entire session more dynamic and worked the other parts of my body, besides my arms. Also, call it an inferiority complex, but I really appreciated the dark, neon-lit ambience. I felt more comfortable or in other words, less exposed in the darkness.

Aqua boxing Rumble class at Ground Zero

What to bring: As per usual, wear your trainers. For ladies, it's best to put on form-fitting shorts or tights as you'll be expected to do some groundwork as well.

Good to know: Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to get yourself settled in. We also encourage you to bring your own water for the class, but in case it slips your mind, water bottles are for sale at the gym.


Name of session: Rumble
Try it out here: Ground Zero
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Beginners might find it hard to figure out the various punches at the start, but as the session progresses, you'll get the hang of it. If you're lost, their friendly instructor is just around the corner to give you a hand.

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