One of the most useful fitness apps you'll download this year

Gonna make you sweat

One of the most useful fitness apps you'll download this year
Think of it as your electronic personal trainer

Skipped the gym because you worked late? We know that feeling. Sometimes, work does get in the way — that or a visit to that oh-so-trendy restaurant you waited two months to snag a table at. Thankfully, the good folks at Fitness First can empathise with your first world problems and have rolled out CustomFit, a nifty app to help keep you on track with your fitness resolutions for the year ahead. 

Packed with over 800 exercises, the app is practically a personal trainer you can fit in your pocket. Accompanying videos and coaching tips ensure you're executing each move correctly. Over a quarter of those exercises require no equipment other than your own body weight, making it easy for you to execute these moves from home or the comfort of your hotel room. So really, there's no excuse to Netflix and chill when you can be pumping it up.    

Fitness First CustomFit app

While the app will help you to personalise your own workouts, things get pretty interesting for Fitness First members as their personal trainers can create bespoke training programmes and push them through this app. 

The app also helps to track and analyse your progress because there's nothing like beholding the fruits of your labour (or the consequence of your slothfulness). It's also smart enough to pull in data from other devices that push data to Apple Health and Google Health.

  • CustomFit is available for download on Android and Apple devices via Google Play and the Apple Store respectively.


Text: Denise Kok

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