Superfood spotlight: Essential Greens

Superfood spotlight: Essential Greens

Organic fix

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: MyMaha

The faster way to eat your greens

When it comes to staying in the pink of health, you can't really take any shortcuts. You can however opt for convenient ways to up your intake of nutrients. And for that, we turn to Essential Greens — a green superfood powder from health and wellness brand MyMaha — founded by entrepreneur Hairin Bahren.

Essential Greens from MyMaha

Developed by MyMaha's nutraceutical firm in New York, the green superfood powder (that looks like matcha) condenses 11 nutrient-rich ingredients – ranging from organic wheatgrass to raspberries and ginger – into one convenient sachet. Up your salad game or give your smoothie a healthy boost by sprinkling some Essential Greens on top.

The perks? Essential Greens is designed to rid your body of toxins, amp up your energy levels, and keep your digestive tract healthy. With no artificial additives or flavours, this versatile powder from the good folks at MyMaha might very well be your next health staple.

More details on MyMaha and how to purchase Essential Greens can be found here