Introducing dr. MCT: The oil promising increased energy and weight loss

Introducing dr. MCT: The oil promising increased energy and weight loss

Keyed up on ketones

Text: Janice Sim

Still going loco for coco? You might want to switch over to a purer and stronger oil alternative

It's the year 2017, where avocados are hip and coffee is better savoured with a spoonful of butter. Say what? Butter with coffee? Yup, you better believe it. Bulletproof Coffee — as favoured by celebrities the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Adriana Lima and Mick Jagger — is served with a spoonful of butter and, critically, with a splash of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides); an oil comprised of naturally occuring fatty acids. This unique dietary fat is typically found in coconut oil (which explains the superfood's cult following), as well as cow's and goat's milk.

The slew of health benefits from consuming MCT includes improved cognitive function through the production of ketones (often used as fuel for the brain) and weight loss through improved metabolism. Long day cut out for you in the office? No sweat, with a dose of MCT, you can power through the grueling deadlines without a glitch. Even if you're physically exhausted, a dash of it to your lunchtime salad can energise you for the day. Athletes who have taken MCT have been known to experience increased endurance due to faster post-workout recovery.

MCT superfood oil

The good news is, you can now get your hands on MCT with dr. MCT — a 100% MCT oil formulation. Consuming dr. MCT means that you enjoy the benefits of MCT in its purest and rawest form; as opposed to the milder concentration found in coconut oil. And because it is odourless and unflavoured, it's easy to add it to your everyday meals or even your morning cup of joe. Pro tip: Never fry it, as the oil is best consumed raw.

MCT superfood oil


In addition to its oiled formulation, dr. MCT is also available in a powdered form — perfect for mixing into your smoothies or even your stews and curries. One thing's for sure, we're definitely spiking our daily meals with a little bit of this superfuel. 

dr. MCT products are now available online as well as authorised health food stores.

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