Diet and health tips during the festive season, as recommended by COMO Shambhala

Diet and health tips during the festive season, as recommended by COMO Shambhala

Call it a strategy

Text: Eve Persak

It's Christmas, so let the indulging begin. But we're being entirely honest, the holidays are often too convenient of an excuse to go overboard with the food. We either concuss from a overly stuffed belly or contribute to food wastage. Don't even get us started on the alcohol...

So to reign us in a little before it's finally Christmas, are these golden tips from COMO Shambhala nutritionist, Eve Persak.

1. Go easy on the salts prescribed in savoury recipes while cooking

The salts prescribed in savory recipes are often optional. Reducing or removing entirely saves you from fluid retention and therefore excess water weight.  Fresh and dried herbs are fine substitutes with minerals and phytochemicals — not sodium.

Festive diet tips

2. Allow Mother Nature to sweeten your desserts

She'll do a far better job than any refined sweetener. Serving fruit-based desserts can streamline sugar and boost fibre, antioxidants, and micronutrients. Plus your taste buds won't know the difference. 

3. Sauces and dressings should serve as an option

They shouldn't be a swimming pool for salads, sides, and mains. Simply drizzling less lowers fat and calorie counts and opting for ghees and cold-pressed oils over processed products sneaks in extra health perks. 

4. Prioritise sleep

When deprived of sleep (common with packed holiday schedules), we are more likely to over-eat and choose more indulgent foods. Pillow time also allows the body to cleanse, heal and hormonally reset.   

Festive diet tips

5. Hydrate, and hydrate more

Drinking water is like taking an internal shower. You'll not only help your system remove toxins and wastes, but also stay in better touch with your appetite. We often assume we are hungry, when we're merely short on fluids. 

6. Plan ahead for your fitness calendar

If there's simply no time during the festive season, then give yourself advance notice. Make walking or jogging dates with a friend. Set funds aside — before you start gift shopping — to purchase yourself an unlimited fitness package at a wellness centre or series of one-to-one yoga, Pilates, or training sessions. 

7. Be discerning with your treats

Desserts don't exist simply to tempt us and drives us mad. They are intended for our enjoyment - on occasion and in moderate amounts. Allow one every day, every other day, or once a week — whatever feels right to you. Get yourself the best. Don't waste time with second-rate candies or processed cheese — purchase gourmet chocolates and artisan cheeses.   Keep your servings petite, enjoy, and then continue with rest of your nutrition plan.

Festive diet tips

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