Detox aid: Fruit-infused water

Detox aid: Fruit-infused water

Bottoms up

Text: Denise Kok

These flavour-packed thirst quenchers are the perfect alternatives to sugary drinks

Battling a Boost Juice addiction? Well, don't pat yourself on the back for loading up on your liquid five-a-day as those juices are filled with hidden sugars. When it comes to your hydration needs, there's nothing better than downing a big old glass of water. Water helps your body to flush out toxins, aids with digestion, and reduces your risk of kidney stones. 

If water tastes a little too bland for your liking, you can flavour it with any leftover fruit, herb, or vegetables in your fridge. Fruit-infused water is a great alternative to sugary drinks or teeth-staining tea.

Simply let your choice of botanicals steep in the water for a few hours to work its magic. Watermelon and mint make for a refreshing, summery combination while pineapple and cinnamon packs a little taste of the Caribbean in your glass. Our favourite mix? Tangy grapefruit and herbal rosemary. It's packed with Vitamin C and helps to detoxify the liver.