Dance workouts from home: Ballet, Balinese dance, and burning calories

Dance workouts from home: Ballet, Balinese dance, and burning calories

Happy feet

Text: Karelle Ng

Editor: Janice Sim

Home has been quite the cavern of productivity of late, as told by friends on Instagram — whether it be succeeding at sourdough or revealing a toner, slimmer physique. While online workouts and free tutorials might have aided most, it can't exactly be the same for everyone, such as people like myself.

It was the motivation and ambience at the gym that powered me, and with that gone, that also meant hitting a plateau in my fitness stamina. Desperate and restless of the inactivity, I stumbled onto dance — an avid pastime of mine since I was a child — but never really thought much about as an intensive workout. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, with my discovery of a few online dance experiences, which turned out to be an entirely freeing feeling when you're in isolation.

No rules, no judgement

I've learnt that there are no rules when it comes to dancing by yourself. Honestly, it's better when no one is watching. Unlike structured workouts of 20 burpees or holding the right form while in a plank postition, dancing isn't quite like that at all. You can bust a move to a '90s hip-hop music video or imitiate dance-themed workouts if you haven't got a clue on how to go about it. Whatever you want, however you want.

Ballet sans the intimidation

Now with social implications entirely removed, I tried out dances that I was intimidated by yet interested in. First off, a 40-minute ballet lesson for beginners by The Australian Ballet. It didn't leave me feeling as elegant as I hoped since I turned out a sweaty mess (you wouldn't think).

If you always wanted to try ballet, this video is a good place to start. Although to get all the numerous techniques right, you would have to attend an actual class — under the close supervision of an instructor. A great tip to know is to not be fazed as each routine may seem intimidating with all the unfamiliar terms, but once you start moving, it does come naturally and flow into one continuous pattern. That's the beauty of ballet.

Transporting to a different destination

Speaking of something new, Capella Ubud had also recently posted a session of Balinese Dance Movement on their IGTV. While you would not find yourself mastering the art of Balinese dance right after a virtual class, this is a fun one to feel like you're on vacation. It's also pretty invigorating to immerse yourself in a different culture — after being stuck at home for months — with the help of traditional tunes and dance moves.

A mood-lifting workout

Now, I get my daily dose of exercise while just having as much fun. Once you get your momentum going, it's also easier to start doing other exercises if you're aiming to burn more calories. A two-hour sweat session (with a break in-between) is now a part of my stay-home routine — above everything else, it's been a mood-booster. Just start by hitting play on Robyn's "Dancing On My Own", and you'll know what I mean.

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