This -150°C tank could be your key to weight loss and better performance in the gym

This -150°C tank could be your key to weight loss and better performance in the gym

Ice Ice Baby

Text: Janice Sim

A few minutes in frigid temperatures might just be what your body needs

It's not everyday that you get to experience sub-zero temperatures here in sunny Singapore. But when you actually do, you could be opening yourself up to a plethora of benefits. Introducing cryotherapy — the world's most advanced cryosauna, where temperatures dip as low as -150°C.

Here in Singapore, you can find this revolutionary treatment at Evolve MMA, in their special recovery centre CryoFit. Typically the ideal solution for body recovery, cryotherapy has gained traction with numerous celebrity athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Floyd Mayweather — who have been known to use it to stay on top of their game.

Cryotherapy Evolve MMA

But what does a few minutes in a makeshift Arctic-like tank do? More importantly, how does it actually work? As your body gets bathed in cold air for three minutes, its nervous system is stimulated via the skin's cold receptors. This tightens up the blood vessels, constricts peripheral tissues, and sends blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue and surrounding joint space to protect the core temperature. This aids in purging toxins from the body, and at the same time supplying oxygen, nutrients and enzymes into the entire system. 

Cryotherapy Evolve MMA

If you've been battling with muscle aches, either from an intense workout session or the aftermath of a sedentary job, undergoing cryotherapy can ease the pain and soreness, to make you feel as good as new. Want to unlock a new fitness achievement? The treatment can boost your pain tolerance for intensive exercises, which means performing better in your weekly sessions in the gym.

Athletic performance aside, the Average Joe who is looking to lose a few pounds can find this treatment of service as well. As the cold air activates your body's cold receptors, the entire system goes into this process called thermogenesis (production of heat) — this is where your metabolism is boosted, hence burning a ton of calories, even up to eight hours after your session. 

Can't stand the heat? Well, consider this treatment's freezing conditions an added incentive to escape our city's scorching reality.

Keen on a trial session? Call 6443 2464 or visit CryoFit at Evolve MMA today.
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