5 tips to make clean eating enjoyable

5 tips to make clean eating enjoyable

A nutritionist speaks

Text: Janice Sim

You'll be surprised but it's not about swearing off carbs

We've heard many confumbling suggestions about clean eating. First culprit? The people who told us, "Everything you eat has to be blanched." Then, others came along and said, "You shouldn't touch the bread bowl." The long list goes on... but when it comes to sustaining a diet of that level in the long run, it can be difficult especially while keeping up with the many social engagements and temptations that lurk around.

How else can we aspire to eat cleaner? Is it a matter of giving up the foods we love the most? We were keen to find out — so we checked in with Jane Freeman, nutritionist at YOLO Food (healthy food takeaway service FTW), and scored a few tips on how to make clean eating feasible and enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be an insufferable affair.

1. Don't be afraid to eat carbs

Yes, you heard that right. The glucose found in carbs are the brain's primary source of fuel, and your body's energy source for high-intensity workouts. Focus on eating low-glycemic carbs, like brown rice and even spaghetti for a slow and steady release of glucose.

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2. When push comes to shove, always choose protein

If you're ever at a bar or party, like everytime the weekend comes around, go for the chicken. Amongs the usual bar bites like bruschetta, chips and salsa, protein fills you up faster than carbs do. This keeps you satiated longer and prevents you from overeating.

3. Watch your portions

Whenever you're having a meal at home, simply grab a standard size plate and make sure the different foods (be it rice, chicken, vegetable, or tofu), are plated without any of them touching one another. It's about serving size at the end of the day, and if you abide by this general rule of thumb, this means your portion sizes are appropriate.

4.  Add lemon to your water

The easiest way to make plain water taste better — lemons. It adds flavour to your drink without the burden of additional calories, and also helps to boost your metabolism.

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5.  Use spices instead of sauces

Season your meals with dry spices instead of bottled marinades like soya sauce. Opt for healthy choices like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger, which can lower your blood sugar. The calories you save can also translate into fat loss. 

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About Jane Freeman

Besides being the resident nutritionist at YOLO Food, Jane Freeman is also an internationally acclaimed dietician and qualified sports nutritionist.