Presenting Ceramicool, the one degree activewear you need to beat the heat

Presenting Ceramicool, the one degree activewear you need to beat the heat

Keep cool

Text: Janice Sim

When it comes to combating the unbearable heat while achieving your fitness goals, Ceramicool has got you covered

Last we checked, it is 32 degrees today in Singapore. But honestly? It really feels like a hundred. With the scorching sun working against the plans for a quick lunchtime run, getting your daily workouts clocked in can be an uphill challenge; especially if you're not a treadmill person.

So we were most definitely thrilled when Ceramicool by Odlo — an activewear that possesses a unique textile technology to cool your body down to a single degree — finally made its way onto our shores. The refreshing sensation of the Ceramicool threads, when worn, acts to reduce your skin's temperature when you're working up a sweat. 

Workout Ceramicool Odlo technology

How does it work? For starters, the ceramic particles in its yarn have the ability to release warmth quickly and, thus, transmit excessive heat away from the skin. Second, its cross-section structure allows for warm air streams to be intermittently released through tiny channels in the yarn. Lastly, the lightweight material of low-density yarn promotes breathablilty and ventilation.

This nifty gear is available in tank-tops, T-shirts, leggings as well as shorts — and conveniently well-armoured with UV protection, making up the perfect shield against the beating sun. Whether its conquering a full marathon in the unbearable heat or simply making your HIIT routines an absolute breeze, you can definitely expect better performance and soaring comfort levels with Ceramicool. 

Our conclusion? Scorching SG heat — 0, Rocking bod — 1.

Now available in TripleFit