#BuroLive Episode 11: Exercises to burn off that CNY belly

#BuroLive Episode 11: Exercises to burn off that CNY belly

20-minute workout

Text: Norman Tan

Get back on track with this 20-minute workout that you can do at home

Fess up. How many pineapple tarts did you eat over the Chinese New Year long weekend? Five? Ten? A bucket of 40? Did you know that pineapple tarts contain approximately 80 calories each — that's at least a 10-minute run on the treadmill to burn off — so just a sneaky handful means a massive calorie surplus; especially if you're also tucking into steamboat, roast duck, and bakkwa. How can you resist bakkwa?!

For those of us who have indulged in more than our fair share of treats this Chinese New Year (guilty!), fret not, we have Chris Richards and Natalie Kuan from Ultimate Performance Singapore to save the day. Watch episode 11 of #BuroLive above for an easy 20-minute workout (that you can done at home) to help you burn off that post-CNY belly.

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