#BuroLive Episode 42: How to tone your lower body with TripleFit

#BuroLive Episode 42: How to tone your lower body with TripleFit

Work that booty

Text: Janice Sim

No room for excuses now that you can work out from the comforts of your own home

Wanting to lose a few pounds? Easy, just double up on gym time while keeping to a discplined diet. But when it comes to trimming down a specific part of your body, that's where things get a little tricky. Don't we know the perils of long nights on the treadmill, with little or no results reflected in our problem areas (for most women, that's the thighs and booty).

In an attempt to salvage the flab fest going on down there, we sneaked in a quick session with Sara May Perez, instructor at TripleFit Singapore. Today's session of #BuroLive has her showing us three simple workouts to firm up your lower body, that one can easily do at home or even in the office — sans gym eqiupment. Truth be told, the exercises weren't a breeze to execute (mind you, we had a heavy lunch), but they also weren't anything too difficult to accomplish. Interested in getting fitter with Sara May? The Colombian beauty personally developed and conducts two kinds of classes at TripleFit — Core 360, a workout that incorporates pilates with core-strengthening exercises, and Baile Latin, a latin dance class that has you letting loose while burning calories. We'd gladly take that over a mundane workout on the elliptical machine any day.  

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