Buro. Bootcamp: A fitness and wellness series of workouts and health-led activities

Buro. Bootcamp: A fitness and wellness series of workouts and health-led activities

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Text: Janice Sim

The idea of health and fitness has evolved radically over the last few years — from tortured sessions to social hangs, from unkempt attire to form-fitting threads worthy of an Instagram post — and this shift can only be a good thing. Especially if we're feeling younger, fresher, and more fulfilled with each workout. From what we've noticed so far, consistently keeping up with a healthy regime is always easier when you're in a tight-knitted community. There's encouraging advice, inspiring testimonials, and social interactions to reap from every gruelling session. After all, no man is really an island.

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Hence, we bring you Buro. Bootcamp — a series of workouts and wellness sessions led by a fitness personality and /or professional. It's a safe space where a group of us can come together in the name of becoming better versions of ourselves — mentally and physically. And since we're digital nomads ourselves, the preceding Telegram chat group is now open for everyone and anyone to join. It's where you'll find out latest updates and happenings surrounding Buro. Bootcamp, while also mingling with like-minded individuals and share tips on running shoe options, at-home exercises, and more. Follow our Facebook page for updates, videos and photos from the events as well as the Telegram channel to stay connected with Buro. Bootcamp community.

Our first session will take place on 7 March, in collaboration with Brie Benfell of BrieFit. She'll be taking us on a hike around Singapore, before tucking into a delectable brunch at FOC Sentosa. Think of it as a celebratory meal as we indulge in tapas plates of cherry gazpacho shots, king crab cannelloni, and USDA choice ribeye. So here's to a better physique, a refreshed state of mind, and new friendships.

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