Bride-to-be healthy diet: How to maintain your wedding body even after your honeymoon

Bride-to-be healthy diet: How to maintain your wedding body even after your honeymoon

A new chapter

Text: Eve Persak

The big day is just around the corner. Never mind the never-ending list of pre-wedding to-do's, you've been hitting the gym religiously and abstaining from pretty much all dietary indulgences. Your goals: a crystal clear complexion and bright sparkling eyes, of course. But let's be real. Priority number one is making sure that stunning (and expensive) gown zips up easily and fits like a glove on the day you swap "I do's."

With love as your motivator, there's no doubt you can do it. But, what happens next? Very often, brides pull off a breathtaking appearance on the day of the nuptials, but their wellness diligence comes completely undone in the weeks that follow. Many gain back every hard-fought kilo – and then some – on the honeymoon alone. How can you hold onto your wellness mindset no matter where your post-wedding travels take you? COMO Shambhala's nutritionist Eve Persak dishes on to translate bridal fanaticism into workable and maintainable health practices even when the wedding's over. Below are some simple strategies to feel just as healthy a wife, as you did a bride.


Hydration, lemon water

By the time you and your husband land at your honeymoon destination, you're probably parched from head to toe. The dry cabin conditions on airplanes are sure to strip your system of moisture. However, you might have been low on liquids long before – with the back-to-back events and the hectic race button everything up before your exit. It might be tempting to tip off and punctuate your trip with cocktails, but do ensure you're replenishing your system with non-diuretic drinks. Hydrating will help your system clear out any leftover impurities from the wedding day's indulgence, but also help you stay in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. Request extra bottled water daily for your room. Keep one next to the bedside and tote one with you as you move about your day. Start each meal with a glass of still or sparkling. At the tropical COMO Hotels and Resort destinations most popular with honeymooners – like the Maldives, Bali, Thailand and the Caribbean – fresh, young coconuts abound. We keep them cracked open and ready for sipping at all times.


Day drinking, cocktails, person holding glass of drink, unsplash

Between the toasts at the shower, the hen party, the rehearsal dinner, the reception and the post-wedding brunch, you'll likely do quite a bit of sipping throughout the wedding festivities. Now, there's no need to refuse a fluke of champagne on your honeymoon. But do consider keeping your alcohol intake in the evening hours. When the alcohol buzz sets in, we're more likely to lose track of our appetite and eat past full. We're also prone to selecting more high-calorie, indulgent dishes. Together, these two tendencies stir up trouble for the waistline. So, during the daytime, stick with non-alcoholic options. COMO's global properties even feature therapeutic wellness tonics designed to offer body benefits. Sip on these before crossing over to nighttime cocktails.


variety of foods on top of gray table, food, breakfast, waffle

Few couples prepare homemade meals on their honeymoon. Therefore, every meal is usually eaten out at hotels and restaurants, which tend to inflate the size of their meals. It's also tempting to sample absolutely every exotic dish from the local cuisine in sight. But don't forget that bites add up over the course of the day. To partake fully in the culinary adventure without accidentally over-doing it, pay attention to portions. Fortunately, you're traveling as a pair, so sharing any selection – especially desserts – is an easy way to cut intake by 50 percent. At most sit-down eateries you can offer half-portions, too.


a bowl of rice, white rice

Refined grains, like white rice, pasta noodles, breads, pastries, offer carbohydrates – and that's it. Most are void of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. They add a nice fluffy or dense filler that soaks up flavors, but don't keep us feeling full for too long after eating. Studies show refined carbs can actually promote hunger and cravings.  Plus, you can purchase or order these whenever and wherever you like at home. Instead, focus on the other meal elements that are unique or special and downplay the white plate-fillers. If alternatives – like quinoa, red or black rice, or other whole grains – are available, select those instead. One of COMO Shambhala's fan-favorite signature wellness recipes, our Real Toast, side steps bread entirely. Our chefs dehydrate nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables to achieve a crunchy grain-like texture, but also load up on whole-food phytochemical and micronutrients.

pile of french macarons

The odds are good that you've been racing non-stop since your engagement with the many wedding arrangements. When you cut loose on your honeymoon, decelerate! There is no need to rush through a single dish, let alone a meal. Take small bites, nibble from one another's plates, and spend time at the table, because – at long last – you can. Most resorts, COMO included, offer customized romantic dinners for couples that capture each property's stunning surroundings, but also create an air of intimacy that lends itself to lingering.


hikers on trek

Obviously, please kick up your heels and lounge to your hearts' content. However, do consider punctuating your rest with bits of physical activity. Whatever calories you burn will offset any extra calories consumed. Plan outdoor tourist activities that work in exercise – like trekking, cycling. Take advantage of plunge and lap pools. COMO guests at our private beachside properties can arrange for guided surfing, snorkeling and scuba experiences too.

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