Boxing tips and techniques for beginners from UBX Training

Boxing tips and techniques for beginners from UBX Training

Pack a punch

Text: Janice Sim

Our city's perennial obsession with boxing has certainly surpassed being just a fad. Even if you don't fit into the Muay Thai league, punching it out on the bags can be easily spliced into a strength/HIIT session — this we can testify. The act alone, builds strength, doubles up as cardio, and is immensely cathartic after a long day fighting fires at work.

Whether you've been boxing for years or you've just picked it up, articulating the proper technique will transform you from a good boxer to a great boxer. Understanding the technique behind boxing from the stance, footwork and punching is imperative — after all, techniques and strategies have been refined over time. To set the record straight, UBX Training, a brand owned by 12RND Fitness takes you through the fundamentals of boxing. They've also recently relased a free app — Train: At Home (with new workouts uploaded daily) where you can put these newly-minted skills in action.

Foot placement is one of the most important elements of boxing. Where you place your feet, will determine your balance, and advantages/disadvantages in mobility, defense and offense. Everything starts from the ground, so it is vital that you have your footwork down packed before any other aspects of boxing. A good way to understand foot placement is to imagine a square box on the floor when shadowboxing. Whichever your dominant hand is, put the opposite foot forward into the top corner of the box, then put your other foot in the rear corner of the box, diagonally.

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The proper boxing stance will allow solid power in each hand when boxing, it will give you good reach with both hands so each punch is direct and powerful and will give you more balance. Bend down from your knees and touch the middle of the square, then stand back up, but maintain a slight bend in your knees. Your Lead hand is the same side as your front foot, and your Rear hand is the same as your back foot. Always remember to keep your Lead hand in front of your face, just below eye level, and your rear hand should be beside your face, as if you're holding a phone.

A lot of beginners tend to focus on power when boxing, and try to punch as hard as they can, which can lead to fatiguing too quickly. Instead, focus on the technique of the punch rather than the power, this will ensure you maximise stamina and make every move count. With every punch, push off your back foot, keep your weight balanced and ensure your fist is square to your arm. Understanding how to control your body when boxing, and strengthening those movement patterns through repetition with padwork and bag work, will allow you to get better and also improve in other types of sports.

There are four key punches in boxing:

Jab - a sudden punch
Cross - a straight punch
Hook - a short side punch
Uppercut - a short swinging upward punch

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Before you hit up the bags, what you need are wraps and gloves to protect your hands and serve up double the impact. The first thing to master? Learning how to wrap your hands. One wrong move and it could jeopardise your bag work and even lead to mild injury.

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