Best female fitness influencers to follow on Instagram

Best female fitness influencers to follow on Instagram

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Text: Janice Sim

There's no defying that we lend inspiration on a daily basis from our Instagram feed.  Be it personal style, direction on how to frame our #ootds and which hip bar we should visit next. That also means we get to decide what kind of content we're subjected to — with the easy function of the follow and the unfollow function; most of the time we're seeking out good influences. Well at least, we hope so.

If you're already following Kayla Itsines, good for you. But there are more to be discovered. We suss out five women on Instagram who are serving up a healthy slice of fitspo, motivational mantras and female empowerment. 

1. Utah Lee, @utahlee

Utah Lee isn't known as a Nike Master Trainer for nothing. Her feed revolves around photos of her training, dancing and rocking audacious looks as she transits from trainer to model. Also, mother of two.

2. Sia Cooper, @diaryofafitmomofficial

For a very honest take on fitness on Instagram, seek out personal trainer, Sia Cooper. Often, she's candid about going through personal obstacles in hopes of spreading awareness — whether it's going through a recent removal for her breast implants or gaining weight as a personal trainer.

3. Massy Arias, @massy.arias

There's a lot you can learn from Massy Aria, and with regular posts of her exercise demos, you can easily do so. Often she also shares what her diet looks like and also blessing our eyes with her cute daughter, Indira.

4. Hannah Bronfman, @hannahbronfman

Hannah Bronfman might strike you as a fashion girl, but who says a woman can’t do both? The DJ’s feed comprises of her workout routines, smashing outfits and little nuggets of her job whether it be working the turntables or the cameras at a Dior event.

5. Morit Summers, @moritsummers

People who work out don’t have to be thin and lean all the time. Personal trainer Morit Summers confidently reps the curvy squad by posting and sharing her strength workouts like deadlifts and sled pushes.

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