BioG: You can now get a personal blend of supplements based on your DNA

BioG: You can now get a personal blend of supplements based on your DNA

Science rules

Text: Janice Sim

A bespoke blend specially formulated for your body

There are two school of thoughts when it comes to looking at supplements. First up, you don't trust them. The second? You're a firm believer, but can't be fussed to keep up with the mechanics of it. We're definitely the latter. Let's recap: two tablets for Vitamin C, one tablet for Vitamin E, another dose for Vitamin B on alternate days. But who are we kidding — there's a high chance we might be wrong. 

With a new game-changing technology, you won't be prone to the common error of messing up your arsenal of supplements. Homegrown brand BioG has introduced a revolutionary system called the Personal Blend micro-tablets. Allying with DNA Code, these bespoke supplements have been specially formulated with a handful of (five to six) ingredients, which have been chosen according to your body's gene pool. Depending on what every individual needs, BioG combines multiple supplements into a homogenous blend, with a fixed dosage in a sachet to consume daily. These tablets are also made micro-sized, so it's easily swallowed and absorbed into your system. 

BioG supplements

How to get started? Start by registering on the DNA Code website. You'll then receive a kit for you perform a cheek swab. Mail your DNA out to the listed address, before expecting a detailed genetic report in the next four to six weeks, alongside your very own bespoke supplement prescription.

With BioG, you won't ever have to worry about missing or overdosing on your vitamins. Not to mention, you won't have to inaccurately speculate what your body is deficient in. Best to let the brilliance of biology take care of that.

BioG is now available online on their website as well as Fitlion