Auriga at Capella Singapore's signature moon massage review: Benefits of the Spring Equinox

Auriga at Capella Singapore's signature moon massage review: Benefits of the Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Text: Janice Sim

The idea of harnessing energy from the skies might seem to be something from an ancient period drama, but one spa in Singapore has its services and treatment stemmed from the mysterious, and extraterrestrial belief. Auriga at Capella Singapore, whose namesake is based off a constellation in the northern hemisphere believe that the different phases of the moon impacts our bodies in different ways. Hence, their treatments have also dabbled in this said juju — so to enhance the techniques executed by every skilled therapist at the spa.  

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Last week, the Spring Equinox made its expected arrival; rendering the earth in the perfect symmetry of light and darkness. Usually, it happens when the amount of daylight and darkness are equal at all latitude, which is an effect of the center of the sun reaching its position directly above the equator. When this happens, Auriga recommends their signature full moon massage — said to tap on the energies derived from the Equinox. This year, things were a little different. For the first time since 2000, a supermoon was added to the annual line-up — also known as the blood moon. In a nutshell: stronger forces have been aligned to cleanse and release tension from our bodies. Hold that judgemental thought, we'll explain more. 

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The experience: Visually, a treatment room at Auriga is breathaking. It's grand, opulent and resembles a bathroom from a really impressive mansion. The signature full moon massage during the calculated time of the year was also arranged to be done outdoors — out on the luxurious patio of the treatment room. The perks of being in Capella Singapore also means basking in a nature sanctuary without the disturbance or traces of evidence from the city clutter.

What it is said to be: "With gentle hands, your therapist will address the natural energy flow with balancing massage techniques. This experience brings forth complete harmony and balance."

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What it really is: You don't have to be a believer of the celestial wonders to understand this massage. My very lovely therapist, Annie, explains that what I will essentially experience is a slow, culmination of heat waves hovering over my skin, as she kneads in gentle movements. Unlike other massages where you'll experience real pressure and (at times), pain coursing through your body, this one glides on in a series of rhythmic movements. It's soothing with just the right amount of warmth, and as soon as the hot oil fell on my scalp, I was half-asleep and blissfully transported in another realm. A realm where no inboxes existed, no buzzing from my WhatsApp group could infiltrate — a state of calmity, one which I desperately needed. The good news is, it doesn't matter if the stars don't align often enough, Auriga's moon massages are available all year round. And I'm a firm believer of returning back to that placid zone — especially during mercury retrograde. 

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