How to burn 200 calories in 20 minutes: MMA training with Angela Lee

Work that body

Text: Amelia Chia Janice Sim

In the first of our new fitness video series, Angela Lee, professional mixed martial artist and instructor at Evolve MMA, demonstrates a simple workout to burn 200 calories in no more than 20 minutes

So you want to lose 200 calories in a day... what if we told you that could easily be achieved within 20 minutes? Under the expert guidance of mixed martial artist and Volvic ambassador, Angela Lee, you can now put that entire body to good work without compromising on your precious hours. Lee's high-intensity MMA-centered workout, which she herself does to stay in shape, is perfect for hustling through the mornings or during your lunch break. There goes your last excuse out the window — watch our short video and learn how to perfect her winning moves to whip that body into top form.

Angela Lee MMA


1 minute Burpee Sprawls

With this exercise move, ensure that you are jumping as high as you can. Once your feet touch the ground, place both hands on the floor, keep your legs back, place your hips down, then pop back on your feet and repeat till the minute is up.

30 Seconds Push Ups

Keep your head up and butt down. Do continuous push ups — normal or alternative — for 30 seconds straight.

30 Seconds Planks

Hold the plank position on your elbows and alternate lifting your arms up for the next 30 seconds.

30 Seconds Speed Punches

Throw long straight punches as fast as you can. Don't forget to extend your arms.

30 Seconds Power Punches

These don't need to be as fast as the earlier set, but remember to throw your whole body into it. Make sure every punch is powerful and strong.

30 Seconds Speed Knees 

To throw a proper knee, clench your fists together and keep your elbows in. Point your knee forward and your toes facing down. For the first 30 seconds, throw alternating knees, focusing on speed. 

30 Seconds Power Knees

The last 30 seconds is all about power knees — throw your whole body into it while focusing on power and strength.

1 Minute Rest

Rest for a minute before repeating the workout three more times.  

Videography: Justin Chen using Sony a7S
Creative Direction: Vanessa Caitlin

Instructor: Angela Lee
Location: Evolve MMA