The secret to defying age could just be lying in the gym

The secret to defying age could just be lying in the gym

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Text: Janice Sim

You’re never too old to challenge yourself. Hear it from Marcelo Capi, multi-award winning fitness champion, who turns 50 this year

Here's what most people think about ageing —  your body becomes weak and frail, making it difficult to engage in strenuous activities, let alone complete a blood-pumping hour's workout like you could in your youth. Well, we hate to break it to you, but that isn't necessarily true. You could still be living in your prime, but just don't know it yet.

Meet Marcelo Capi, an exemplary walking example of what it means to be hitting the big 5-0 and still working towards his goal of being a bodybuilder. Throughout the course of his career, the Brazilian fitness trainer has coached and trained many professional athletes and individuals in 30 countries around the world, including USA, Mexico and New Zealand. We sit down with the multi-award winning fitness champion, who recently joined True Fitness as their new regional manager, to chat life goals, diet plans, and the secret to looking this good at his age.

You're known for conducting BodyCombat classes — tell us what's great about it.
This cardio-loaded program is inspired by martial arts and draws influences from karate, boxing, tai chi, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai. What I like about it is that it finishes within an hour, and works out your entire body. Everyone is so busy nowadays so it's a good workout to do amidst the crazy schedules.

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What would you recommend to anyone who's looking to lose weight in a short amount of time?
There's no instant one-trick solution, because that wouldn't last long. You need to change everything — the way you eat, the way you think, the way you sleep, the way you behave, even the way you work etc... The perfect machine we have is our body. They are made to live for hundred years so it depends what you're going to do to maintain your body or destroy your body.

You have been doing this for a while, and when you started out you were obviously much younger. How do you constantly keep up with the changes in your body?
The biggest mistake people make is when you start to age, you stop challenging yourself. You should always challenge your body. It doesn't mean that when you hit 50, you stop pushing yourself and start walking instead. It doesn't matter how old you are; if you feel you can do it, go for it.

What's your diet like?
Very healthy — there's no oil or sugar in my diet. Like what older people do, I started going for body checkups, and realised that what you eat and put in your body is very important. It is made perfectly, so we need to feed it properly. Doing what I do, I see my body as a machine and I want to put only the good stuff in — I want to live for a century, to see my boys grow up and have children. It's not a sacrifice, it's an understanding.

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Any advice for people who lack motivation to exercise?
Start today. Don't wait for tomorrow. Go to the fitness club. Find something you enjoy doing at the gym. You live on the second floor or third floor? Just use the stairs instead of the lift. If your workplace is a 10-minute walk from your house, walk instead of taking the train or a taxi. You'll never know what will happen tomorrow, so do it today. That's my mission here — to inspire people to have this life-changing experience, because I know the benefits and I know the results. So I want to share this with as many people as possible.

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