What to expect from the new Absolute You in Singapore

What to expect from the new Absolute You in Singapore

Triple threat

Text: Rachel Ng

Pilates reformer, rhythm cycling, and yoga — all under one roof

Let’s be honest — staying true to your fitness goals is no easy feat, but we try our best anyway. For some of us, our week involves travelling from one studio to another in a bid of attaining the holy trinity of cardio, strength and flexibility. So when Absolute You, a Thailand-based boutique fitness brand offering the three pillars of fitness under one roof — Pilates Reformer for strength, rhythm cycling for cardio, and yoga for flexibility — we couldn't be more thrilled. Getting that holistic workout will now be less of a sweat than ever with this integrated power trio.

1. Pilates Reformer for strength and balance 

Absolute you, yoga, rhythm cycling, pilates, fitness

These reformer machines may look harmless, but one movement on the apparatus is enough to engage the body’s intrinsic muscles to give you an all-encompassing, core-centric workout. Don’t get us wrong — your arms, butt and thighs do not get away scot-free. The pulley and spring system provides more resistance than what you would get from your body weight on the mat, and the use of cables and bars encourages full-range motion that will engage your entire body. With 20 reformer machines in the house, Absolute You is Singapore's first studio to offer Pilates Reformer Group Experience classes at this scale, and is set to become Asia’s largest Pilates reformer studio.

2. Rhythm Cycling for cardio 

Absolute you, yoga, rhythm cycling, pilates, fitness

Now that your muscles are warmed up, why not take a few steps to Absolute Cycle for a rhythm cycling class — a New York-style cardio-intensive programme. Sunny Walters, Absolute Cycle's global master instructor, explains: “Rhythm cycling is heavily based on the beat of the music such that every song presents a new goal to get your resistance high enough to allow you to dance with the rhythm.” Riders can look forward to a spiritual experience of dancing on the bike to heart-pumping music while being fully immersed in a dark room full of flashing neon lights. A far cry from your dreadful, monotonous sessions on the treadmill — and you can still burn 500 to 800 calories in one session.

3. Yoga for flexibility 

Absolute you, yoga, rhythm cycling, pilates, fitness

With your heart still racing and sweat dripping, a proper cool down is in order. Try Absolute You's  Yin Yang class for a gentle, quiet, meditative practice, or pick from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Pilates, Absolute Fit and All Style Yoga, which caters to people of all levels. For beginners, Hatha offers a slower paced class focusing on basic poses, breath work and alignment to promote flexibility and balance. Love your yoga but want your pilates too? Give Yoga Pilates a shot, the ideal hybrid which combines the fast pace of Vinyasa flow with the core-strengthening pilates moves. Alternatively, you can blast those calories with fitness-centric Absolute Fit, which is designed to ramp up that heart rate and get your total body workout going. 

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