A proper weekly workout regime, according to a celebrity personal trainer

A proper weekly workout regime, according to a celebrity personal trainer

Workout to perfection

Text: Corinne Cheah

Ever wondered what a perfect week of workout would encompass? With many different types of workouts out there that promise all kinds of miraculous body-changing effects, we are left drowning in a sea of choices without a clue. Lucky for us, celebrity personal trainer, Mohamed Elzomor spills the tea on what he thinks would make a perfect week of working out. 

"A perfect week of working out really depends on what your goals are. If you're looking to lose fat, build muscle, work on your strength or endurance they will all require different types of workouts at different intensities", says Elzomor. The weekly programme should include five training days and two days. You should also pay attention to post-workout stretches. "The importance of these stretches is usually overlooked but doing some of the boring corrective exercises and stretches will go a long way in keeping your body injury free." 

Start living out your personal fitness goals by taking a leaf out of this guide below. 

Three days of strength training/endurance workouts

"Circuit training workouts that involves total body exercises — planks, jump squats, jumping jacks, burpees, back rows, mountain, etc. By doing circuit training, you're able to not only work your strength but also on your cardiovascular endurance, all without necessarily having to hop onto a piece of cardio equipment." Planks

One day of weight training 

"Unlike circuit training where you barely take any breaks, weight training has more breaks in between your exercises. Here, you are focusing on using weights and challenging yourself by increasing the weight of each set. Your number of reps should range from 20 to 8, gradually decreasing reps at each set as you increase the weight." Weights

One day of slow cardio

"Doing this type of slow cardio will get our body to focus on only burning fat, and not any muscle, which is why it's good to incorporate into your routine. Besides, it's a great change of pace if you're constantly doing HIIT training. Doing it fasted (on an empty stomach) makes it even more efficient! You want to keep yourself at about 70% of your max heart rate for this workout."Walk

Seven days of a balanced diet 

"When it comes to your diet, Elzomor advises a good ration of protein, fats and carbs (with a lower intake, unless it's prior to your workout). On days that require more activity, you can definitely eat more as your body will be needing the fuel for your workout."Food and drinks

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