5 easy abs exercises to do from home, according to Nike Master Trainer Utah Lee

5 easy abs exercises to do from home, according to Nike Master Trainer Utah Lee

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Text: Janice Sim

Clocking in your daily footwork at the gym while maintaining a healthy (ish) diet might have already led you to your ideal weight. But we're still having doubts about our bellies — typically known as an area that's tricky to trim down. Especially since who doesn't want rock-hard abs to shine through bikinis and crop tops? While Nike Master Trainer Utah Lee (and mother of two) was in Singapore last April for FitnessFest 2019 by AIA, she gave us a quick five-step workout on toning and sculpting every part of our midsection. It's all about looking towards balancing while squeezing every part of your body. Of course, make sure to complement this quick fixer with the regular cardio sprints, alongside weight-training. So put down that burger, it's time to work on our torsos.

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Elevated knee and tap (x10)

Make sure your hands are under your shoulders when you're in a plank position. Get your legs up on a couch or a bench and keep your hips down, making sure your body is nice and flat to maximise your workout. Ease yourself into a rhythm while tapping every knee.

Utah Lee elevated knee taps

Squat and twist (x10)

This is a challenging one, because it's about keeping your balance. A good tip is to find something in front of you to look at in order to hold your position. When you squat down, make sure your butt is going to the back, knees behind the toes, chest up as you look straight ahead. When you do the twist, that's when you breathe out.

Squat and twist

Plank and punch (x10)

Start with a solid plank like the one that was done before — keep your elbows right under the shoulders. Try not to drop the hips, and keep your body nice and tight. Throw the punch high and make sure you breathe out while doing that.

Fitness plank and punch

Knee and kick (x10)

As you bring the knee to you, your body contracts your abdominals. And when you kick outwards, you need to twist the body — so kick as far as you can. If it's too hard for you, don't worry about keeping the legs off the floor; it's okay to tap your toes on the floor to do that.

Knee and kicks

Up and clap (x10)

Also known as the party workout. You first start by lying flat on the floor with your hands above your head and stretching your legs out. As you come up, breathe out and clap your hands behind your head.

Up and clap

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