3 products that help you to sleep better

3 products that help you to sleep better

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Text: Jessica Zheng

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Technology to aid you in achieving a good night's rest

We are all aware of the importance of sleep. A good night of sleep lets you wake up feeling fully rested and ready to conquer the day. Having a healthy sleeping schedule also plays a big role in preventing diseases and boosting mental health. Sometimes, the simple act of laying down and closing your eyes just doesn't cut it for a deep and satisfying night of rest. Here are three sleeping tools we found that can help improve your quality of sleep. 

1. Sound+Sleep sleep therapy system 
Plagued by too much on your mind? Here is a sound machine that plays soothing natural sounds to relax your mind and mask out all the chaos in your head. Sound+Sleep offers 10 different high-definition soundscapes of nature that are scientifically engineered to create a relaxing sleeping environment to promote a deeper state of rest. With its patented Adaptive Sound Technology, it can adjust the volume automatically in response to ambient noise, too. This sleep machine also comes in a mini version which allows you to enjoy a good night's sleep when you're on the go. 

Sound+Sleep sound machine system


2. LIFX colour-changing LED light bulb 

Studies have shown colours and lights have the power to influence our moods and emotions. Blue lights help with reducing the feeling of depression and promotes productivity and energy while red lights encourage relaxation and calmness. LIFX used this knowledge to its best and created the first Wi-Fi enabled and color-tunable LED that allows you to control lighting in a room via your smartphone. You can change the lighting to millions of colours and 1000 shades of whites. It also has pre-made themes on the app that allows you to change the feel of home in a single tap. With its Schedules feature, the LIFX light bulb would gradually dim the light at night before your bedtime and reduce the amount of blue light you are exposed to in the room to help you fall asleep better. In the morning, it would wake you up in the most natural way by gradually increasing light that mimics a peaceful sunrise.

LIFX light bulb

3. Fitbit's Sleep Schedule feature 

Leading health and fitness tracker, Fitbit, recently introduced a new Sleep Schedule feature that can analyse your sleeping data and guide you to a more consistent sleeping routine. The Sleep Schedule feature works on all Fitbit devices via the Fitbit app on your smartphone. It allows you to visualise your sleep pattern throughout the night with a timeline that shows the length of your sleep and the hours in which you were asleep, restless, or awake. With the data it gathers, the app would give you personalised recommendations to help you sleep and wake at the ideal time each day. You can also customise the times to your own preference.

Fitbit sleep schedule feature

You can also set a silent alarm on your Fitbit device that will gently awake you with vibrations at the target wake-up time. The app can also generate a sleep schedule history chart that allows you to see your total sleeping hours overtime and to determine whether you need to adjust your sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep is vital to gaining energy for the next day and your long-term well-being. Start taking control of your sleeping routine today and wake up feeling like a winner each morning. 

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