10 Olympic highlights from the first week of Rio 2016

10 Olympic highlights from the first week of Rio 2016

Going for gold

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As the first week of the Rio Olympics wraps up, we look back at the best moments from the world's biggest sporting event

1. When Singapore won its first-ever gold medal
It's been quite a week for Joseph Schooling. The homegrown hero swam alongside his idol, Michael Phelps, beating him in the men's 100-metre butterfly final and setting a new Olympic record with his 50.39 second timing. Schooling arrived home this morning to swarms of local supporters, had reporters trail him all the way home to Marine Parade, and even met the Prime Minister in Parliament. 
2. When body-shaming gets shamed
Ethiopian swimmer Robel Kiros Habte might not share Phelps' or Ryan Lochte's streamlined physiques and came in last in the 100-metre freestyle event, but waves of support flooded in despite the mudslinging tweets and mean memes.



3. When Simone Biles showed sexism who's boss
"I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I'm the first Simone Biles," the 19-year-old gymnast declared after winning the individual gold in the women's gymnastics all-around. It was a fitting quote seeing the incidents of sexism that female athletes have endured throughout these games.

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4. When Usain Bolt won his third consecutive Olympic gold
The Jamaican runner is still very much the world's fastest man. He made history as the first athlete to win three Olympic 100-metre gold titles.

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5. When North Korea and South Korea joined hands
After winning gold in the 50-metre pistol even, South Korean Jin Jong-oh shook hands with bronze medallist and North Korean Kim Song-guk in true Olympic spirit.
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6. When 
Pita Taufatofua shone brilliantly on our screens
The Tonga representative didn't get slicked up just to show off his muscles FYI.

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7. When Asians get the spotlight
Whether it's guys who got us drooling or an ancient Chinese health massage technique, Asian was the way to go this Olympics.
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8. When the Olympics broke the internet
From inspiring North West to become a gymnast, to Eddie Redmayne in his white suited best, the sporting event filled all our timelines.
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9. When Gisele Bündchen sashayed across the stadium
She came, she walked and she conquered.

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10. When Michael Phelps owned his death stare
The legendary swimmer was caught glowering out from under his hoodie at South African rival Chad le Clos, who took on the champ in the 200-metre butterfly semi-final, and lost. Cue the Internet memes.
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