10 highlights from the final week of Rio 2016 Olympics

10 highlights from the final week of Rio 2016 Olympics

The final highs

Text: Bianca Husodo

As we bid farewell to the Summer Olympic Games, we take a look at some memorable moments from last week

1. When Joseph Schooling immortalised his Olympic win
The man of the week has inked himself with the Olympics logo of five interlocking rings on his bicep as a memento of his Phelps-beating triumph. He certainly earned the right to wear his badge of honour. 
joseph schooling rio 2016 olympi
2. When Simone Biles revelled in victory and a kiss from her idol
The gymnast scooped four gold medals, five overall medals, an all-around title, and the icing on the cake? A surprise peck from Zac Efron.

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3. When Bahamian sprinter Shaunae Miller literally dove for gold
The Olympian beat American sprinter Allyson Felix by just 0.07 of a second after she hurled herself across the finish line of the 400-metre track in an attempt to recover from falling. Next stop for Miller, the diving board, perhaps?
shaunae miller dive rio 2016 olympic spring
4. When Usain Bolt sparked a flurry of internet memes with his mid-run beam
The Jamaican sprinter had time to spare for a camera-ready smile while easing into his 100-metre semi-final triumph.


5. When Pita Taukatofua stole the spotlight once again at the closing ceremony
The oiled-up flag bearer sent social media into another meltdown with a final glistening display as the Games closed.


6. When Rio became an unexpected hotbed for romance
Chinese male diver Qin Kai, who had earlier won a bronze medal, proposed to his long-time girlfriend and diver on the women's team, He Zi, right after she was awarded a silver. And this was just one of four reported Rio engagements.
qin kai he zi china olympian wedding proposal rio 2016
7. When Team Great Britain made a flashy exit
Team GB lit up the closing ceremony as they waved their custom-made illuminated shoes up in the air.

8. When supermodel Izabel Goulart dazzled and sizzled the runway stadium
As the Maracana stadium was turned into a street carnival, the Brazilian beauty led the parade and busted her moves in a jewel studded costume.
izabel goulart rio closing ceremony olympic games 2016

9. When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed up as Super Mario
Announcing Tokyo as the next Olympic Games host, the Prime Minister transformed into Japan's beloved Nintendo comic character as he rushed around Tokyo's busy street in an animated clip before landing at the Maracana stadium through a green warp.

10. When Rio bowed out with a lavish firework show
The vibrant explosions marked the end of South America's first Games on a high note.

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