Yusheng platters for Chinese New Year 2021: Chopsuey Cafe, Rumors Beach Club, Crystal Jade, and more

Yusheng platters for Chinese New Year 2021: Chopsuey Cafe, Rumors Beach Club, Crystal Jade, and more

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While Chinese New Year will undoubtedly be a low-key affair this year, that doesn't mean the festivities are stopping anytime soon. Reunion dinners are an indispensable part of the season, and tossing yusheng is an indispensable part of reunion dinners. You might not be able to shout auspicious phrases in unbridled joy and fervour in the process, but that still shouldn't stop you from making your yusheng worth the while. At least, make sure it's scrumptious (!) Especially at the end when everyone gets a portion for good luck. From classic traditional platters to unique twists on the famous dish, here are the best places to snag your lohei fix for reunion dinner.

Chopsuey Cafe

Yusheng platters for Chinese New Year 2021: Chopsuey Cafe, Rumors Beach Club, Crystal Jade, and more (фото 1)

Always expect to be pleasantly surprised at Chopsuey Cafe, typically known for giving a contemporary twist to traditional Chinese comfort dishes. Their abundant menu, specially created for this season, has been designed to fit different family sizes, big or small. Their Lunar New Year Set Menu is perfect if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your CNY reunion dinner needs, as it goes above and beyond yusheng to also offer a five-course menu. Of course, to start, a prosperity toss of the Chopsuey Lucky Lunar Lo Hei — a deliciously healthy take on the traditional yusheng with ingredients such as trout, kale, celeriac, sprouts, red radish, blueberries and wild rice.

Their CNY menu is available from 29 January to 26 February

Rumours Beach Club


It's the first time we're celebrating Chinese New Year in 'the new normal' and if that inspires you switch up the taste of your lohei as well, then take on this special platter from Rumours Beach Club. Well known for offering Jimbaran-style live BBQ seafood, Rumours Beach Club brings a spicy Balinese twist to the classic dish, as their Jimbaran Grill yusheng features lobster tail with sambal merah, grilled squid with kecap manisand jumbo river prawns with sambal merah. The yusheng sauce is no slouch either, a fusion of Indonesian spices with traditional plum dressing to sum it all up. We're intrigued, that's for sure.

Ideal for 4 – 8 pax, the Jimbaran Grill Yu Sheng, $98.80++ is available from 9 to 6 February

Peach Garden

Peach gardeen

As a household name for Chinese cuisine, Peach Garden happens to be the go-to restaurant for any family affair. When it comes to Chinese New Year, they certainly do pull out all the stops, given the variety of yushengs they offer. From Golden Abalone to Smoked Salmon yusheng and even a vegetarian yusheng too, there's something for everyone. They too come in different sizes as well, so you can customise your order according to the number of attendees for your reunion dinner.

Yu Shengs range from $69- $170, the LNY Set Menu is available from now till 28 Feb and free delivery for orders min. $80

Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Singapore

Yu sheng

Year of the Ox means weaving in beef into the mix. Man Fu Yuan presents their exclusive treasures beef yusheng, which is only available for order this year. The platter spotlights its signature ingredient, beef bak kwa — as well as other components like salmon, crispy fish skin, golden yuzu, plum sauce, and shallot oil. But if you prefer seafood to your red meat, opt for their abundance yusheng and prosperity yusheng instead. The former has canadian lobster and baby abalone in place of the beef bak kwa bits, while the latter replaces beef bak kwa with hokkaido scallops and salmon.

Yushengs range from $88-$158, and are available for order from now till 26 Feb.

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade sure knows how to usher in 2021 with a bang. Their premium Season of Wealth golden scallop yusheng is all about abundance: think plump scallops that are sous vide and torched to symbolise gold coins, together with cubes of juicy watermelon, red dragonfruit, burdock, quinoa, corn, cherry tomato, walnut, crispy rice and more. But if you just want a good ol' platter of tradition, choose their reunion yusheng with abalone with no hidden surprises.

Season of Wealth golden scallop yusheng is $115.80 and only available for dine-in, while reunion yusheng with abalone is $62. Available from now till 23 Feb.

Regent Singapore

Yusheng platters for Chinese New Year 2021: Chopsuey Cafe, Rumors Beach Club, Crystal Jade, and more (фото 2)

Chinese New Year celebrations are never complete without a festal tossing of Yu Sheng. And Regent Singapore understands that old might not always be gold, as you might be looking to shake things up with a unique Lohei experience this year after a decade of tasting the same old flavours. Hence, as a novel addition this year, Basilico will debut an alternative but no less auspicious Italian-inspired Lunar New Year menu. Instead of shredded vegetables and tangy sour yusheng noodles, there will be a tossing of angel hair pasta laden with apple wood smoked salmon, amalfi lemon, poached baby scallops, Norcia black truffles, avruga caviar, and pickled porcini mushrooms.

Available from 25 Jan to 26 Feb.

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