Your brunch plans for today, sorted

Your brunch plans for today, sorted

Carpe diem

Text: Denise Kok

Most of your favourite dining spots might be closed today, but it's business as usual for these standout eateries



SPRMKRT's second outpost at The Singapore Tyler Print Institute is a riverside café and retail space in a calming, light-filled spot housing honest-to-goodness grub and zen-like shelves heaving under products from boutique producers the world over. In keeping with SPRMKRT's ethos of dishing up conventional favourites with a twist, you'll find truffle fries here topped with parmesan and kelp, and cold soba noodles topped with grilled corn and seaweed. An all-day breakfast menu runs until the kitchen closes at 930pm, but you're welcome to stay until the shutters are drawn at 11pm. It's one of the rare few cafes that open late, seven days a week. Seeking a slightly more polished dining experience? Head up a flight of stairs to SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar for European-style dishes occasionally tampered with an Asian twist. 

The Singapore Tyler Print Institute. #01-01, 41 Robertson Quay. Tel: 9736 4032

Tanjong Beach Club

tanjong beach club

Yes, their Facebook photo albums are full of bikini-clad goddesses, ripped dudes in muscle tees, and the occasional pet dog enjoying its emancipation from city life. But don't let that stop you from joining the fit elite. Tanjong Beach Club's newly refreshed menu gives you good reason to pack your beach bag and spend a lazy Sunday here with plenty of good grub. The acai bowl — loaded with bananas, blueberries, toasted coconuts, and crunchy hazelnut granola — is a good place to start. There's also perfectly scrambled eggs, annoited with shavings of black truffle and rich slices of jamón ibérico. The snapper ceviche is lifted beautifully with lime and a touch of coriander while the hearty and spicy chorizo orecchiette will fill you up nicely. For dessert, the banana coconut tarte tatin gets our vote. Left your swan float behind? Pick one up at Tanjong Beach Club's on-site Beach Shop, a nautical wonderland stocked with everything from waterguns to groovy shades from Le Specs. 

120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa. Tel: 6270 1355

Gallery & Co.

gallery & co

Anthony Yeoh might be the man you turn to when you want to tuck into hearty French fare that doesn't skimp on the butter, but the head chef at Cocotte is also equally adept at playing with familiar flavours that sit closer to home. As the consulting chef behind the menu revamp at Gallery & Co, Yeoh has stripped the menu of nondescript cafeteria fare and replaced it instead with dishes that resemble an edible atlas. From Moroccan-style lamb baked in Greek filo pastry to Mexican tacos filled with otak otak, his multi-cultural creations are at once familiar and novel. It's essentially fusion food, but one that mirrors the ethonography of immigrant cuisine.

Gallery & Co. National Gallery Singapore. #01-05, 1 St. Andrew's Road. Tel: 6385 6683