Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore: Where to eat green, meatless meals

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Singapore: Where to eat green, meatless meals

The alternative route

Text: Janice Sim Marielle Solano

Say hello to gluten-free, plant-based and healthy meals in Singapore that've made Meat Free Mondays and World Meat Free Week a tad more sustainable

Carnivores and omnivores: There's no need to pull the plug on meat from your diet. Perhaps it's the sizzling slab of a steak that you crave, or you're just not that into vegetables. No judgement here. But there's no harm having meat-free meal every once in a while, giving your insides (and tastebuds) a break. With some advice from plant-based chef and pilates instructor, Sandra Lim (@theveggiemaiden), as well as some veggie-focused digging of our own, these are the top dining (and meat-free, and sometimes gluten-free) spots for a hearty, satisfying meal. So ready an open mind and appetite — these meatless meals might just grow on you after this long weekend.

1. Sufood

With an acute focus on the nutritional effects of food, Taiwan-hailing Sufood provides meals that are targeted at nourishing both body and mind. Depending on the size of your appetite, their 4-course and 8-course lunches are both filled with vegetarian appetisers and mains perfect for a celebration.

Must-try: Wild mushroom charcoal tagliatelle

Sufood Singapore charcoal chickpea sandwich

2. Wholesome Savour

This café at Palais Renaissance goes by a strict gluten-free/plant-based pact, while retaining the essential nutrients in the grub served here. Most of the food is dehydrated to minimise the loss of nutrients.

Must-try: Citrus parfait

3. Real Food

Sustainable and organic; these are the two words that Real Food lives by. You'll find the chic vegetarian eatery dishing out a blend of Asian and Western cuisine at one of their three outlets on our shores.

Must-try: Steamed dumplings

World Meat Free Week

4. Loving Hut

Keep things light and casual (bonus if you live in the East) at none other than Loving Hut. This vegan restaurant serves up Asian fare of local favourites like Kampung fried rice and Nyonya laksa lemak.

Must-try: Laksa and mee pok

5. Joie by Dozo

Joie terms its grub as Japanese-French Creative Modern Meatless Cuisine, where diners can expect artful finesse and ingenious food substitutes to take on their plates. Think posh interiors and a slew of decadent choices (of ravioli and wild rice). You won't be missing the substantial role of meat here, that's for sure.

Must-try: Their set menu, which comprises of a few courses

World Meat Free Week

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