The rare Mortlach 25-Year-Old whisky is now available in Singapore

The rare Mortlach 25-Year-Old whisky is now available in Singapore

Wild child

Text: Denise Kok

The Speyside rebel

It's one of the most elusive single malts to emerge from Scotland and those who've had a taste of it will no doubt recall its rich, powerful flavours. It might be a Speyside whisky, but if you're expecting it to be a mellow affair, you'll be surprised. The amber-coloured elixir proffers unexpectedly bold, meaty flavours that mark it as the wild child of whiskies hailing from Speyside. It's no wonder that Mortlach has earned itself a reputation as the Beast of Dufftown.

Mortlach whisky

It's no secret that Mortlach, established in 1823, is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. However, not many know that some of the world's finest whisky blends tap upon Mortlach's whiskies to lend their own blends backbone and finesse. 

From today, whisky connoisseurs in Singapore no longer have to rely on independent bottlers and the distillery itself to ship in the occasional bottle. Diageo has rolled out the red carpet for the luxury single malt scotch whisky market by bringing in Mortlach in three expressions: Rare Old, 18-Year-Old, and 25-Year-Old. Georgie Bell, the Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach, flew in to Singapore for the launch last night and led us through a dinner tasting that paired each expression with equally bold dishes plated by the chefs at Manhattan.  

Georgie Bell, the Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach

We left the dinner with an aching desire to have yet another sip of the 25-Year-Old. Matured in refill Bourbon barrels, the complex dram teases the nose with notes of ripe fruit and deep, dark tobacco before coating the tongue with lingering waves of flavours that segue from a bright burst of plummy favours to dark, seductive malty notes. Of all the expressions Mortlach released in 2014, the 25-Year-Old ranks as the oldest and arguably the most memorable. 

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