Where to get your hairy crab fix in Singapore

Where to get your hairy crab fix in Singapore

Leggy beauties

Text: Denise Kok

A seasonal delicacy that's worth the wait

It's that time of the year again when hairy legs—on crab, that is—are back in vogue. When it comes to this seasonal delicacy, gender matters. It's the female crab you want to look out for. Besides proffering sweet, luscious flesh, their rich creamy roe makes them ripe targets for the discerning gourmand. Below, restaurants doing this treat justice. 

Shang Palace 

Steamed hairy crab

The Shangri-La Hotel's flagship Cantonese restaurant sees Master Chef Steven Ng presenting the delicacy in seven different ways, ranging from the classic steamed hairy crab to crispy noodles topped with hairy crab meat and roe. If you have the luxury of settling down for a languid dinner, the six-course hairy crab menu is a good bet, featuring not only highlights from the hairy crab à la carte menu, but also delicious treats such as barbecued Kurobuta pork with shredded lobster roll, cod fish with yuzu honey glaze, and doubled-boiled almond cream with fish maw. 

Available 17 October to 30 November

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Steamed egg white topped with hairy crab meat and roe

With produce this exquisite, one simply has to steam hairy crab to enjoy its delicate flesh. Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming gives you the option to do just that, or go all out with braised bird's nest served with hairy crab meat and roe. Newfangled creations this season include steamed egg white topped with hairy crab meat and roe; deep-fried soft shell crab with hairy crab meat and roe; and braised scallop with beancurd, topped with hairy crab meat and roe. 

Available 17 October to 30 November

Min Jiang

Min Jiang hairy crab

With a chef who lacks no finesse in preparing both Sichuan and Cantonese dishes, it isn't surprising to find Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee showcasing the hairy crab in creative ways. Take for example a steamed xiao long bao that harbours crab meat within, and baked hairy crab given a heady hit with ginger rice wine. For those who prefer to enjoy hairy crab dishes alongside other à la carte favourites from the restaurant, call for the set menu. 

Available 15 October to 15 November 2016 

Crystal Jade Prestige

Hairy crab xiao long bao

Take a hot stone bowl, fill it with braised organic tofu, and top it with hairy crab roe. The marriage of these two pristine ingredients pay a fitting homage to the Autumnal delicacy. Other ways to enjoy hairy crab here include tucking into a hairy crab trio platter comprising suckling pig with crab roe, steamed xiao long bao with hairy crab roe, and steamed crab shell custard. 

Available 10 October to 30 November