Where to eat and what's new in Singapore: Lumo, No Sleep Club, and DIY pasta kits from Bar Cicheti

Where to eat and what's new in Singapore: Lumo, No Sleep Club, and DIY pasta kits from Bar Cicheti

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Text: Natasha Khoury Janice Sim

Image: Da_photographer

Where we dined this week...


Situated near Boat Quay — a five minute walk away to be exact — a Scandinavian-inspired bar has made its mark on our little red dot. Divided into a separate bar and an open kitchen dining section, Lumo places light at the forefront of its uniquely remarkable social space. Its colourful drink menu stands to be a whole different ball game. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of their drink options, taking inspiration from seven prismatic colours of light. We first opted for a fruit pineapple volleyball cocktail, sparking a delightful citrus punch within the Barbados Rum infused drink. And if the iconic photos on the drink menu — including Miley Cyrus's infamous wrecking ball —didn't sway you, the food certainly will. Tempura-style tomatillos deep fried in tempura batter came first on the list. Its whipped buttermilk consistency topped with coriander seeds made this snack hard to resist. Chicken wings? Heck yes. Lumo mirrored these sentiments and took it up an extra notch with their aged chicken mid-wings aigre doux. Smoked with apple wood on the grill and glazed with housemade aigre doux, its full-bodied sweet-yet-tangy flavour is best enjoyed eating caveman style — that's right, we're talking with your hands. Another small plate winner fell on the diced potato hash with thin slices of duck prosciutto and a small helping of sour cream. We couldn't stop going back for seconds — and possibly thirds. If we had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Sakura pork chop. The whiskey raisin jus topping made this melt-in-your-mouth grub a standout. For a sweet finish, you can't go wrong with a classic apple pie. Especially when it's paired next to vanilla gelato and rum-infused raisins. —NK


50 South Bridge Road, #01-00, Tel: 8921 3818
Opening hours: (Mon-Sat) 5.30pm-12am

No Sleep Club

Unlike what the name might suggest, this sexy spot down at Keong Saik Road is really more of a cocktail bar backed up by an unassumnig kitchen concept — rather than an actual nightclub. And that works out well for us, especially when we're talking a dark space (ridden with candles) where you can score experimential tipples at the bar once you're through the door. Some might favour it for a nightcap, but the underdog of No Sleep Club comes down to its grub. Dishing out plates that are more than just bar bites, one can expect to have a romantic meal here. Yes, starting with their fresh oysters. That should then ease you into their 4-cheese truffle toasties, which supercedes any underlying impression of the humble sandwich. When it comes to their mains, you'll get to choose from roast striploin, pork roulade, and even an entire steamed barrumundi. Our fish was tender and spruced up with a mushroom caramel puree, sea vegetables, and a touch of citrus. Of course, for what it's worth, they also do a mean cauliflower snack — in what they cheekily dub as K.F.C. In everything else fails, golden pops of crunch should convince you to get your daily intake of greens in. Speaking of meat alternatives, they do a mean pesto penne pasta. And by that we mean, elevating the usual pesto staple with a touch of roasted asparagus (guised as penne) and cacio ricotta. The result is a tantalising mix — slightly wetter than the usual — but heady and explosive with every bite. Lastly, save room for their donuts with coffee ice cream and choux pastry if you're in the mood for sweets. We do digress; alongside the playful food program, are cocktails jazzed with the No Sleep Club twist. For starters, a Bloody Mary takes on red miso, wasabi distillate, and Campbell's tomato soup. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rest of the lot. —JS

No Sleep Club

20 Keong Saik Rd, Tel: 8838 0188
Opening hours: (Tue-Fri )8am-12am, (Sat)10am-12am, (Sun)10am-6pm.

Where we're looking to dine: The Home Edition...

Bar Cicheti's at-home experience

In these current times, you might prefer to stay home instead. We get it, so does Bar Cicheti. So instead of cleaning out the dried foods shelves at your local grocery store, Bar Cicheti is set to roll out a dining experience delivered to you. Starting with a kit that bags their handmade pasta, a batch of sauce, and instructions on how to cook it. They've also gone above and beyond — so to make your home meals more exhilarating — to include a QR code that opens to a curated Spotify playlist by local DJ, Mr. Has. Quarantine meals just got real enticing.

Bar Cicheti

Stay tuned for this experience by following Bar Cicheti here.

MyTreat by Fat Fuku

With all the negative energy and a life-threatening virus circulating the air, it's high time to circle back to the light and some acts of kindness. Via a non-profit intiative by Fat Fuku, MyTreat, you can buy someone, anyone a meal and have it delivered to their doorstep while supporting our local F&B businesses at the same time. Win win —#savefnbsg

Don Ho Singapore

Visit MyTreat here.